🧪 The Beta Beat (V37, V38 & V39) – Advanced Hero Levelling, Future S4 Heroes, Hero Balances, Future HotM's, Non-S1 Costumes, Starfall Circus Heroes + Event -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

It is probable, but I am not so sure. There have been only 2 of 5 LB quests in beta. Moreover, vaccinations are coming and v39 could be the last update before (maybe there will be once more in the beginning of July).

Postponing the release of LB to September would be quite reasonable move, but we will see soon.

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When V39 goes live and some of us have HA10 going, will that hero be able to pull a costume, or the Seasonal heroes? Or will the following retraining be able to pull them?

Thanks. Am hoping they would completely drop this one. It is a bad idea, just like their intention to give Lepus and Killhare a costume earlier this year.

Don’t worry. Those costumes will still happen next year.

I also believe in this. In the end they don’t listen to all players feedback who said ‘no non-s1 costumes’. No we’re probably getting the first costumes with the sand empire event. The next ones will follow and next year it will be quite ‘normal’ that there are non-s1 costumes. So they hope nobody’s complaining anymore.

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I am not sure…

Anyway the release of Version 39 is started with:

  • Limit breakers
  • Costumes for Rana and Yunan
  • Costumes as bonus draw in HA10
  • Lot of bug fixes

As it can be read here:

It is not mentioning that is Rana, Yunan and Roc included in HA10 or not.
So it might not be there, but we will see.
(Side note: they were in Beta at the time,when I wrote above, and in most recent beta I could not see them in HA10 potentional result. So I am not sure will it be there or not in the live game.)


So they are rolling out those breakers. unbelievable!! :angry:


I guess those emblems offer does not sell well anymore… so why not selling more crap nobody wants but will buy anyway to be at the top?

So pissed!!!


Yes, they did it…

It looks like the special skills and effects for the other element quests will be a surprise for Beta testers too.
They did the similar thing to Mythic titans too as only 2 of them were in Beta…

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Thanks for the updates. I guess the developers have decided agaisnt balancing the heroes and are gonna try and sell a rebalance in the form of costumes. I already know I wouldnt pull from this event if I had any of the 3, which I wont do anyways but I’d be really peeved off if I had the 3 being forced to pull for the “full potential”.

In reality, if they really plan on doing this, these costumes should be rewards, and only the costumes, for completing each of the levels. Personally, I could get on board with that but not if they plan on selling a rebalance

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So I can’t wait to have my f2p alliance matched with 2000 ATK limit-broken Cobalts in war since they can think about 49 ways to overpower heroes and new events but can’t dedicate 1 day of work for fixing mismatch issues.

I wonder if PVP rewards (raids, war, tournaments) will be forever that joke and bags of useless trash forever even the heroes are gettin’ into an unbeatable level? This is so disheartening in many ways. I don’t feel like even maxing my circus heroes.

The real circus event is the playerbase and we are the clowns.

edit: newer heroes with starting boosts (S4), innate immunities and even crazy specials for fast speed (Frigg specially since she does what isarnia does with 3x more mana speed) should’ve have their card power raised.

A 4500 TP team with S1 heroes is weaker than a 4300 TP team made with S3 and S4/event heroes. That’s so unfair.


Other changes and fixes:

Starting a test on how decreasing the Raid defense team buff for high-level Raids affects the gameplay experience and defense win rates.

What??? They write things like they don’t want us to understand.

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I felt it was clear. I would like to know how they are decreasing it though. As it stands it’s more smoke and mirrors for the players to try and figure out.

Probably reduce the system buffs that the defence team receives. Instead of 20% attack n defence boost, reduce to 10%

I’m hoping it’s a sliding scale based on team power, or (even more diabolical) based on what heroes you take.

The issue is that unless it’s a progressive reduction, there’s some breakpoint where you’re better off with a lower power team than a higher power one.

But that they’re even doing this means that the ratio of win/loss has changed significantly — between OP heroes and defense formations I’m utterly unsurprised.


I don’t understand this “reduction” you’re talking about. :thinking: Please explain.

Every defense team gets a hidden stats bonus. They get 20% more defense and 20% more attack.

Sg stated, that they will reduce this bonus for high end raid teams, but at the moment it’s totally unclear how much it will be reduced or what counts as high end raid def team (teampower, cups, win/loss ratio…)


Will war chest contain aethers?

I’m curious as to when the Mirages of Omega quests will begin. Obviously Limit Breakers are an absolute, so let’s get on with it already :grin:

Got a question about the possibility to get costume in the hero academy.
A big part of my alliance is certain you have to put a hero who has a costume to have a chance of getting a new one.
I, on the other hand, am sure you can put whatever you want, such as a hotm and still get the same chance to get… Let’s say Marjana, with a chance of bonus draw her costume, who’s right?

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