🧪 The Beta Beat (V37, V38 & V39) – Advanced Hero Levelling, Future S4 Heroes, Hero Balances, Future HotM's, Non-S1 Costumes, Starfall Circus Heroes + Event -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Just costumes, but at least it’s something different and I would hope to pull for Rana. They probably would turn Roc’s costume into a seagull

That would be good though, he could dump on enemy teams from a great height :smiley:


Yeah, very vicious birds. They’re also known to swallow rabbits whole

Eloquent, honest, truthful. Everyone should read this rant.

Hmm…interesting. but does it really matter since it’s 5%, I can’t even get a non S1 after 6 months. But at these there’s 2 individual chances to get something special out of HA10


Just a minor Beta Update:

These Limit Breaker items now can be received from Alliance Wars and Raid Tournaments.
See the details here:


Is this additional chance to draw or replacing something?


I have cross-checked all loot tiers in Beta and Live game.
It is an additional reward.
You will get everything what you get, and the chances are unchanged.

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The current round of Beta testing is just ended.
As this was the last Beta build for version 39 I am not expecting a new Beta build this week (and maybe next week netiher) as most likely SG will release version 39 this week.

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So looks like advanced hero leveling will be rolled out soon then…

About 95-98% of a Beta testers were against this feature in their feedback in all Beta versions where it was tested, but as SG kept working on it I think it will be released…
But we will see once the announcement of version 39 is made.


goodness, the beta testers were almost unanimous in being against it, and STILL SG goes through with it. just boggles my mind. after all the effort a beta tester goes through to become one… SG really should listen to, and value, them more!


I’m not sure, but I don’t think Sg is in any way interested in what beta players like or don’t like. For them they are just some free bug hunters it seems. I think that must be extremely frustrating for you guys, testing everything giving feedback and getting ignored completely.

So thanks for your great work @PlayForFun with this threads and @Guvnor before and all the other beta players, for your endless efforts trying to make the game more enjoyable :+1:


This was one reason why @Guvnor quit from Beta testing…

Yes, there were several bugs what was spot by us.


It is probable, but I am not so sure. There have been only 2 of 5 LB quests in beta. Moreover, vaccinations are coming and v39 could be the last update before (maybe there will be once more in the beginning of July).

Postponing the release of LB to September would be quite reasonable move, but we will see soon.

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When V39 goes live and some of us have HA10 going, will that hero be able to pull a costume, or the Seasonal heroes? Or will the following retraining be able to pull them?

Thanks. Am hoping they would completely drop this one. It is a bad idea, just like their intention to give Lepus and Killhare a costume earlier this year.

Don’t worry. Those costumes will still happen next year.

I also believe in this. In the end they don’t listen to all players feedback who said ‘no non-s1 costumes’. No we’re probably getting the first costumes with the sand empire event. The next ones will follow and next year it will be quite ‘normal’ that there are non-s1 costumes. So they hope nobody’s complaining anymore.

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I am not sure…

Anyway the release of Version 39 is started with:

  • Limit breakers
  • Costumes for Rana and Yunan
  • Costumes as bonus draw in HA10
  • Lot of bug fixes

As it can be read here:

It is not mentioning that is Rana, Yunan and Roc included in HA10 or not.
So it might not be there, but we will see.
(Side note: they were in Beta at the time,when I wrote above, and in most recent beta I could not see them in HA10 potentional result. So I am not sure will it be there or not in the live game.)


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