🧪 The Beta Beat (V37, V38 & V39) – Advanced Hero Levelling, Future S4 Heroes, Hero Balances, Future HotM's, Non-S1 Costumes, Starfall Circus Heroes + Event -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

that’s probably the worst elemental link so far

Question on the shields…Would Jott’s increased ice shield damage stack with Alexandrine’s increased ice shield critical damage, or would they overwrite each other?

They do not stack, they are overwriting each other.


Appreciate the info.


I’ve seen their cards and I’m not impressed by special skills.
As for art, imagine Kashrek on steroids and female Boril.

Is there any info on July or did I miss it? :thinking:

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It is here:

BTW: nice descripion about the new HoTMs :smiley:
My thoughts on them was similar when I saw them…


Now I really want to see them just because of your hilarious descriptions :slight_smile:

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Right!!! Forgot about devana lol… She’s very solid.

@sleepyhead you will probably find their images on fb groups. They seem a bit off, like … Idk less EnP style but it is my feeling


Ummm because Salmon Loki is the lazarus of the 9 realms, never to be defeated

Thanks a lot. Still likes Devana the most among the three.

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It’s not Johnny Bravo, it’s Baywatch and they both look ridiculous.

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Have any beta testers fought against the salmon on a raid defense yet? That’s where I think this fish is going to tweak everyone out, Dock Ellis style.

Just in reading the card, I don’t want a thing changed! I would throw that fish up at tank and let the attacker deal with an RNG board and now an RNG colored team. Good luck with that finely tuned team synergy…


that’s a very good point. Thanks for both question and answer. If they overwrite, that means Alexandrine won’t be taking a place in titan’s team. So she’ll mainly challenging in defense with that lowered accuracy…

I think Alexandrine is a bit weak. Average with just small of Heal?? You got to maximum if you have 8 Blue tiles, which likely to happened cause we already wasted 9 tiles for him to charge.

And no Cleanse…
And only support Blue Tiles with Critical…
Might be useful for Titans. (But still don’t know which one is better between him or Jott)

But i can’t see that he is good on others.

And don’t forget we got the worst Elemental Links for this upcoming HOTM :sweat_smile::joy:

Sounds as though Salmon Loki is SG’s way of reminding us that rainbow is still a viable option. In fact possibly the only option against this one.

I’m not sure I’d even be able to play with it (or against it) myself, think it would confuse the life out of me. But kudos for doing something completely out of the box - some players are going to love it.


We have just received some adjustments on the heroes:

  • Rana costume
    • Attack stat increased from 746 to 767.
    • Health stat decreased from 1438 to 1392.
  • Yunan costume
    • Direct damage increased from 161% to 176%.
    • Sand damage increased from 264 to 360 damage.
    • Mana generation buff increased from +24% to +33%.
  • Chakkoszrot
    • Direct damage increased from 220% to 235%.
    • Mana generation debuff increased from -34% to -54%. The ailment is now undispellable.
    • Debuff durations increased from 3 to 4 turns.
  • Alexandrine
    • Initial heal increased from 10% to 18%.
    • Health recovery per blue shield decreased from 4% to 3%.

-54% undispellable mana generation debuff? I’m getting flashbacks… this may not go well.


Yes, I find him hilarious and amusing. I guess I will keep all my remaining Valhalla coins until he turns up featured!

He can make a mono opponent to a rainbow color opponent (except the original color) :smiley:
Maybe it can be useful for tournaments where a color is disabled, and you opponent has the color which you can not attack with strong color ?

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and I just used all my 50 pulls coins last month for Bera alfrike tyr :confused:


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