🧪 The Beta Beat (V37, V38 & V39) – Advanced Hero Levelling, Future S4 Heroes, Hero Balances, Future HotM's, Non-S1 Costumes, Starfall Circus Heroes + Event -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Some fun of this game comes from levelling heroes (making them stronger). So the idea of LBs is not so bed. SG also said they are going to introduce new quests/events that would require strong heroes, so LBs would allow to complete such quest/events with older (but LB) heroes. However I would welcome limiting the usage of LB to some part of heroes (eg. S1, S2 and old event/challenge heros)


thought we would have new 3 and 4* season 4 by now, reealy hoping for a purple def debuffer

We will see what’s SG’s plan…
In Season 3 the new set of 3/4 star heres were released around province 12.

The current version’s Beta testing is closed, and it will reopen later this week.

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Beta Update

V39.2 has opened for testing.

Features costumes for Yunan and Rana as well as a new S3 (yes Valhalla) hero… well really it’s a return / revamp of old Salmon Loki.

Also has two new HotM.

I’ll have threads updated and published tomorrow sometime.


Salmon Loki? Smells fishy to me :laughing:


Somebody say than they added a 5% costume probability to HA10. It is true? Can it be expanded to other levels of HA (like HA8)?


36+ years

Beta beat

the chance of getting a matching 5* hero costume is currently 1:20 odds in Beta


Costume loot box unit pricing for a specific Classic 5* Hero costume is currently 36+ years

Click for Marjana example


With 100 users,

after 36 years,

the 99th user will get Marjana Costume while the 100th user will still not have the Marjana Costume from 5* retraining ( HA10 )


With 1 million users,

after 36 years,

10,000 users will still not have the Marjana Costume from 5* retraining ( HA10 )

Too bad for those people, there is literally nothing they can do about the situation due to Merciless R N G



but why not do 5* chance to random costume, if you already have costume for matching hero (f.e. Marj).

Yes, correct 5% for HA10.
It is not expanded to other HA levels… but I wish SG do it for HA8 at least.

Roc, Rana, and Yunan is added to Hero Academy lvl 10 in Beta as possible retraining result.
But getting a costume for them from HA10 is will be like wining the lottery …


So, seasonal heroes are finally being added into HA10 and costumes?

For the costumes, are they for any of the 5* costumes available through HA10? or just on certain heroes?

Tavern featured hero Gravemaker

The spirits say





As far as we can tell ( from Beta rumors ) SGG are testing 5* hero costumes in Hero Academy so they can give Gravemaker his costume.

In the Beta were SGG limited it solely to Tavern of Legends v2.0, there was a large amount of negative feedback.

At least this way marketing can honestly say, Gravemaker from Taverns, or free from Hero Academy, can also grant a lucky player Gravemaker’s costume

From what I can tell, SGG really wants to make Gravemaker, with matching costume, featured HotM for multiple Tavern appearances


Click for notes



Would Salmon Loki be a costume for Bera?

they’re really still going through with costumes for non S1s, eh. I’m really curious as to what the beta feedback will be.

and also curious to see what the costumes will be like… Rana and Yunan are part of the older/original batch of seasonals… but still…

not particularly happy…


So, in HA its 5% on old hotm, 5% costune and 90% tc 20. Is that right?

We don’t want costume for non S1 heroes!!!

What they are trying to do is selling this stupid idea by making people think they could have a decent chance to have it for free with HA10.

Guess what? It’s just a mirage. Odds in HA10 are terrible given the time and ressources it take to retrain a hero.

STOP taking us for fools!!!


Yes, you can get Seasonal heroes,
I have already managed to get Roc from HA10 in Beta.
You can get a costume for any S1 hero or Yunan or Rana.

But it will be very hard to a costume for Yunan and Rana as the costume pull is a “bonus draw”.
So if you are lucky to get Yunan or Rana then you will still need to be much more lucky get the costume so.

Currently there are 66 heroes available in HA10 in Beta (If I counted them correctly) (47 special heroes)
This is how it is working:

  • You have 95% chance to get Season 1 hero, and after that you have 5% chance to get a costume too.
    So you have 95% * 95% = 90.25% chance for getting a Season 1 hero without costume
    And you have 95% * 5% = 4.75% chance for getting a Season 1 hero with costume
  • You have 5% chance to get a non Season 1 hero. Currently two special heroes have got costumes (if these new costumes will ever go live), which is 2 * 0.106% = 0.212% chance to get a hero which can get costume.
    So you have 0.212% * 5% chance to get Rana or Yunan with costume = 0.0106% chance.
    You have 0.212% * 95% chance to get Rana or Yunan without costume = 0.2014% chance
    The rest of chance will got to that you have receive any other special hero: 5%-0.212% = 4.788%

So to summary this:

  • 90.25% chance to get Season 1 hero witthout costume
  • 4.75% chance to get Season 1 hero with costume
  • 4.788% + 0.2014% = 4.9894% chance to get a special hero without costume
  • 0.0106% chance to get a special hero with costume

So basicly you have 4.7606% chance to get any costume from HA10.


I suppose you are asking it because Salmon Loki was Bera’s original name in Beta long time ago, but my answer is no it is not a costume.
It is brand new hero, which does not seems to be useful as it can attack only yellow heroes, and it changing the elements of the opponents randomly every turn.


so, they add the new season (rocc, krampus, killhare…)?
did they also added the new monthly heroes? (BK, gazelle,PiB…?)

Currenly only the Sand Empire event heroes added from Season heroes into HA10.
So no Springvale, Haloween or Christmas heroes available.

No, they are still not added to HA10…

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thanks, mate!

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