🧪 The Beta Beat (V36) – Season 4 Heroes/ Gameplay/ Portal, Non-S1 Costumes & More to come (?) -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Keep an eye out after the Easter break :wink:


Hopefully not after the Easter event. If they are gonna do costumes for three- and four-star Sand Empire heroes, I will wait with my EHTs. If not, I may use them now.

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Hoping to see Starfall Circus in V37


do we have a date for v37 beta? (are we there yet, dad?)

Also hope to see a Red Dispeller at some point

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Not yet :frowning:
It maybe arrive later this week…


Yes. Also honestly hope it’s not a 5* from circus event or non s1 5* costume.

Is there any information, will Starfall circus be event like springvale (eht tokens) or other challenge events (challenge tokens)?

Starfall Circus will most likely be a challenge event and not a seasonal event

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There is literally no information on Starfall beyond the 2021 sneak peek; never been in beta so nothing available.

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Could the challenge event that’s coming in 12 hours be the Starfall Circus? Do we think?

No, it is not possible…
Currently version 36 is released and this new event is under testing in version 38.

Tomorrow the Fables of Grimforest event will start.


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