🧪 The Beta Beat (V34 & V35) – Mythic Titans, Upcoming HotMs, Friendly Matches, Season 4 Heroes (R1), New Challenge Event, More Costumes & Valhalla Forever-- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

New Season 4 heroes thread is up: 🧪 Early Information on ROUND 1 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v35]

And the guessing thread about the theme: Season 4 Theme...? Thoughts, Guesses & Discussion

Edit: new April HotM thread
🧪 Early information on the April 2021 HOTM Frosth


Beta Update


Beta Update

As indicated, Beta V35.3 has opened for testing. It’s indicated that it will be open for a while :slight_smile:

The main feature is a new challenge event called the “League of Villains” as well as 6 new 5* heroes, 2 new 4* and 2 new 3* heroes (all part of the Villains Family).

Bear with me as it will take some time to build the threads fully & am unlikely to have them out until tomorrow.


Awesome, new 5*s I won’t get!


Take your time @guv. We know this is a time consuming venture and we don’t want you to get burned out. Although I know how you are a glutton for punishment. :joy:


@Guvnor thank you for what you do, I didn’t mean for my last post to be snarky.

Hello Guv. Is that event related to those new 5☆ heroes we saw days ago?

No. Those were specifically Season 4 heroes.

This is indicated to be a new Challenge Event. I’ll put out more info when it’s known.

I will say, there are some familiar names / faces in the Villains which we’ve seen in the game already :slight_smile:


So, not all heroes are new? or they are new, but they are like Commander Grey and Dark Lord (which are in game, but not as heroes)?

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Some returning faces :slight_smile:

The dark lord is one of them :wink:


If they are available in another portal, there is a first time when you can summon event hero in 2 events.

No. All are new “heroes” just faces that have appeared in the game before.


Now that sounds like my kind of event, I like playing the Villian :sweat_smile: :smiley:

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Well you got time beta ain’t open till tomorrow :wink::+1:

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Beta has been delayed by a day. Hope to still get the threads done tho today when beta opens. At least preliminary info.


Dude don’t have to get everything that’s done in beta out right on time, people will appreciate it anyways, when it’s up its up, the backlash is gonna be the same haha.
This event thang does look cool though :hotdog::beer:


Just seen the power of the season 4 heroes. Guess there’s no point in pulling anything until you get all them released because there hero power and base stats are so much bigger than season 1 heroes. You’re constantly sending us older players (2+ years) the message “congratulations on your waste of 4* mats in the past” because that hero is now worthless.


What kind event ? Like Challenge or Seasonal or Tavern Legend / Masquerade new ?

It’s mentioned in the comment you’re replying to

I forget about that, so we will have 6 challenge ?

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