🧪 The Beta Beat (V34 & V35) – Mythic Titans, Upcoming HotMs, Friendly Matches, Season 4 Heroes (R1), New Challenge Event, More Costumes & Valhalla Forever-- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Answer to this from Staff:

“Atlantis Rises will not be replaced by Valhalla Forever, it will be an additional event.”

But they do not told further details about what will happen to them once Season 4 arrives…


As season four is imminent I doubt they will change from that position.

What’s going to happen in time is that the calendar is going to be more and more crowded and people need to prioritize them based on their level of time and interest with the game.

Watching EP games at YouTube then Yukimura Sanada’s video pop up and I can watch his play using FROSTH, League of the Villains. If it’s no problem watching it so, can some beta players show their play too?

It’s something that SG are trialing for THIS BETA ONLY.


The allowing of beta content posting?

Good news Everyone !

We have received this announcement in the Beta topic:

“Based on the sheer amount of feedback regarding the new score bonus in League of Villains, we have decided to rethink this feature and remove it for now.”

Also some minor adjustments were made on some event heroes:


This is great news! Hope is sticks!

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Still no info about valhalla “rises”? I want to know how many featured hero there will be and which ones if possibles.

I’m asking because saw a video on youtube from a beta testert that there were 3 featured hero in Valhalla summon that were odin Lord loki and one another that i cant remember and would like to plan when and where to use my tokens .

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In the Beta there were three Featured Season 3 Heroes:

  • Ratatoskr
  • Odin
  • Lord Loki

I am not sure we will have these in the live game or it was just an “example”.
And as the chances are unchaged so 0.3% for pulling featured heroes, and 1.3% for non-featured season 3 heroes, that means pulling an individual Featured hero (0.1% / each) is not much better than pulling a non featured Season 3 hero ( 1.3% / 14 = 0.092% / each)

Other information about Valhalla “rises” = Valhalla Forever:


Thank you for all the infos, and for the quick answer :stuck_out_tongue: About this gnomes there is a chance to find based on stage and difficult or it is granted that you will find all 20 each day if you do idk let’s assume 20 stages per day?

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They are just like the Seadragons during Atlantis Rise.
So you may encounter some or not on a stage.
You will most likely need to do more than 20 stages per day to find all, but one stage can contain more as the special enemy in Atlantis.


I like the idea of the gnomes dropping a variety of things. Is there any available info for how often each type falls? (Emblems are currently what I prize most and trying to figure out flask usage for AR vs VF)

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You rock @PlayForFun!

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Beta Update

Finally got the Valhalla Forever thread done.

🧪 Early Information on Valhalla Forever [Part of The Beta Beat V35]

Also, Beta V35.5 is closed as of a couple hours ago.


They are dead set on releasing costumes, they are the easiest way to release many new 5* heroes while just tweaking their special skill, we get it… not that I like that.

Now, if they would release them along with some story background it would be just great (looking at story modes heroes).

Like, giving them a meaning rather than just throwing them out to fill a summoning portal.

S3 heroes, for example… if when their costumes would be released we would get some more map stages (maybe into the tree) and that their costumes would be well tought, like a “ragnarok version” of them it would be better than just dressing them for carnival.


Anyone know when v35 comes out? is it same time as new HOTM?

As SG wants to hold the League of Villans instead of Riddles of Wonderland I expect V35 to be released this week,

It is out!..just checked😁

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@zephyr1 @Guvnor not to sound like an impatient child, but here we go, any ETA on beta opening? Many thanks!

This is definitely the “are we there yet?” of Beta :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re aiming for the next round to start tomorrow, but as usual, that’s subject to change.

Please just turn on Watching for #beta-beat, instead of asking for updates. :slightly_smiling_face:


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