🧪 The Beta Beat (v33) – New Costumes, Mythic Titans, Christmas Heroes & Quest, Future HotM's -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Beta Update


Do we get the new costumes on the closest masquarade? Or is that top secret? :smiling_imp:

I would guess that no, but we will see soon. New costumes need an update and such an update should be rolling out not later than on Wednesday (probably even tomorrow) as the Masquerade is next Monday.


Thx, i forgot about such an obvious thing

I bet my duped Vivica we will get the new costumes on this masquerade and probably Mythic Titans too (both released this week). Hope I am wrong

Why? I’m very curious about Mythic Titans. Something fresh is always welcome. Only problem is that can be too much things to do in the same time and quickly life become addicted to the game

Not necessarily. It’s just art assets and some database changes. They can download all of that in game. I know the art assets can be… less certain if they do hero changes that way.

Some hero skills can be changed “on the fly”, but others appear to require code changes. See the change (and reversion) to Lady Loki and blind vs the upcoming changes to reflect.

Because most of the costumes need an update to be useful. Mythic titans looks good but it’s the same as always: luck. Everything in this game is about luck

Beta Update:

Check their respective threads (in OP) for details :slight_smile:

Staff have indicated that this is the final round of V33 testing before an update comes so the new costumes could yet be included in the November Quest.




Beta Update

Stay tuned into the #beta-beat tag to get the earliest info on new beta content.

This post will pretty well end Beta V33 and a new #beta-beat main thread will be made when Beta V34 starts :slight_smile:


It looks new customs will release in December.

Hopefully Wu would be visited in V34,…

Are there Any information when the mystic titan event ?

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…my guess is either November or December

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

As this is the last of beta v33, that means update is coming in few days which likely include the new costumes.

…yeah or next month.

It’s Friday. Costume quest starts next Monday. Considering there are always few days between releasing and forcing the update I don’t think getting new costumes is within the realm of possibility.


Yes, it is highly unlikely to have the new costumes in this month’s chamber unless the new release is rushed out of the door like the update for the Ninja Tower event.

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Beta Update.

Beta has reopened with a new version number. As such there is a new #beta-beat main thread.

Check the new thread for the V34 beta content:
🧪 The Beta Beat (v34) – Mythic Titans (more coming...?) -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta


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