🧪 The Beta Beat (v33) – New Costumes, Mythic Titans, Christmas Heroes & Quest, Future HotM's -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

If we tell anything u come and advice that’s good ( but wrong as I considered about him and ask others to help ) , in the same way please ask dev team to pay for volunteer mods as they are spending lot of time and their life here a lot without appreciating their work through salary .

@Guvnor , bro I didn’t rush u , just ask someone to help u ( to reduce ur workload as u r very busy) but one player message made my good thought as a wrong way . I only said to reduce ur work load . If my message came to u that way I’m very happy unless it came to as what that player said I’m extremely very sorry . I didn’t mean in that way . Stay safe and consider ur personal life first as this is only entertainment. Thanks .


I am more than sure the mod team knows what to do and how to organise their charitable workflow. You should learn a bit patience and give it a rest. It comes when it comes.


Lol first read what I said then put ur comment :man_facepalming:

The work you put into all of this is well appreciated @Guvnor , thank you. It is the best source around to have a glimpse at what may be coming, and I am sure there are lots of thankful readers in addition to myself.
:+1: :smiley:


Beta Beat Update

Alright she’s live! First go at the Mythic Titans #beta-beat thread is now live.

Please be gentle & there may be stuff I have missed/ overlooked so I will add to the thread over time.


@LucaeBirba, @Gorann, @Lexxtarc, @TheBeastxGreat, @CmdCupcake, @notyou87, @Mallix @Polentinha, @amrath, @Sixg3n, @PodyMan, @Seymour


Thanks for tagging and hard working. Also sorry for the impatient ones. :slight_smile:

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Thanx @Guvnor. You remain the bomb! :wink:

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Thanks for the tag and the very thorough summary! Sincerely appreciated!

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Thanks bro for tag and nice work

Nice. Thanks for sharing. Cant wait for mythic titans


Still waiting for future hotm

As are we lol :stuck_out_tongue:

If there is no update saying that stuff has been added to beta then it aint there.


Beta Update

And no, I don’t know what is planned for tomorrow lol


And the next question will be… @Guvnor do you know what is planned for tomorrow? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Cant take anymore


People should just learn to wait. Guvnor has always been prompt on updates! so if there’s no update it isn’t there yet!!!


I can’t wait for the next set of HOTM threads. Three streams of gloom, fury and cries of A SLAP IN THE FACE FOR ALL PLAYERS SG YOU REALLY HATE YOUR CUSTOMERS etc etc. Gotta have some entertainment in these grim times. Somewhere in the community topic there should be, if there isn’t already, a thread on suggestions for new HOTM. The most popular would be the one that obliterates Telluria and returns all the materials to your inventory, closely followed by the one that one-shots Noor into a shower of feathers. Even if she’s on your own team.


So they’re too busy to roll out the beta?

Usually every week, they close beta and re-open it with new stuff the next day. That’s a pattern they keep pretty consistently until an update rolls out, then there’s a longer beta pause for a bit

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