🧪 The Beta Beat (v32) – Ninja Tower Event; Ninja Tower Heroes & Troops, Updated Halloween Event & New Halloween Heroes -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

I have said this multiple times in previous beta beats but i just really want to see the rest of the classic hero costumes!!! Almost all of my maxed classic heroes are in this last set that we have not seen yet :sob::sob::sob:


Yes, I want to see the rest of the costumes too :slight_smile:
But I think we will need to wait several months until we see them…

All in all is exciting as it produce changes to a game that became routine. But I wish that during summons of Ninjas or others to give us more of a chance to get at least some of the summons heroes and not the usual suspect of older and useless ones… you know what I mean.
Second I hope you reconsider the cost of levelling, ascending and talent grid… I know profit is a must but be fair to the ones who make profit possible…
I will start a new thread called what I don’t like about the game…
As far as feedback about your thread it has a lot of information at once and then scattered all over… also too many acronyms…

Have mercy and don’t be fair as you are now…

Thank you and have a great day


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Beta Update


Beta Update - 22nd Sept

Staff have realeased some insight into the other elements to be tested through September & October.

The list of features includes:

  • Ninja Tower Testing (round 3) – Week of 22nd
  • New War Rules – Week of 29th
  • Mythic Titans – October
  • New Costumes – TBC

As always, information will be published when known & when time permits :slight_smile:


New war rules sounds interesting. I assume its going to be something along the lines of what we already have in raid tournaments.

No healing & resurrection
Attack multiplier for each buff
All heroes fast mana

Of course this is just speculation on my part as we have no official information yet. Would certainly shake up wars quite a bit, and possibly make slow heroes more useful. Definitely going to keep an eye on the updates.


I wish new rules have to do with rarity restriction . As in events and tournaments. For example rare or epics wars.
That way more heroes would see play i think. All should be more dynamic


Personally, I would love this, but I think that’s a pipe dream.
This would bloat the necessary hero roster size to 90 and make emblem management a clusterduck.

Maybe if it’s on an opt-in basis, when each alliance selects the war rarities they want to be involved in - but that would also make matchmaking even more frustrating.

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I think that the emblem managment could suffer anyways depending on the impact of the new rules.
Though the rules will rotate as they do nowadays.
But imagine a rush rule. That would completely change how we set the defense and even could change tank colour on coordinated war tanks

:eyes: :thinking:


Apparently, SGG weeks start on Tuesday.

Isn’t it about arrow attack, healing aid, and as such?

Yep that makes sense to me, that’s a typical development schedule anyways. That’s what I’m used to, not testing or deploying changes even to QA environments on Mondays or Fridays.

Just curious about the new war rules. I don’t think it’s ever been mentioned until now.


The amount of times I worked double-digits of hours during the weekend after a Friday evening deployment is traumatising, so I feel that.

But I digress.

New “support” types for war would be nice too (preferably replacing field aid).

As for the rules, I’d want to see another pipe dream: talentless mode, where the comps are made up and the emblems don’t matter.


Yay to the new costumes and I am glad, game is developing faster now, that what it was few months ago.



Just an idea but with these new war rules. If it did a mandatory tank color. If just for wars they would allow us to rearrange our emblems free of cost.


Agree with that 100%

One more thing I wonder about since war changes are planned: will there be another beta recruitment? Or will the changes to wars be tested by the same 2-3 alliances / alliances of 7-8 people?

U know how exciting this game would become!!

Forgive me, if there was mention of. Will Ninja tower be monthly event or once a year?

What about the time interval for Mythic Titans?

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