🧪 The Beta Beat (v32) – Ninja Tower Event; Ninja Tower Heroes & Troops, Updated Halloween Event & New Halloween Heroes -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

I was just thinking yhat it seems strange that there aren’t any new vampires in beta.


I left them there also @zephyr1. Thanks my friend

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I think they will come to Beta very soon :slight_smile:

If SGG wants to add them, then they are running out of time…

I think they should be added in this V32, because V33 is too late.

Is costumes part of the road map for the next round of testing?


Beta Update

As of 8 hours ago, beta is closed. No indication from staff yet when beta will reopen nor what will be tested next.


Haha eargerly waiting , Halloween heroes ??? Wait and see

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halloween heroes, season3 heroes ( surtur!!!) i think

Does anyone else feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas, like me waiting for beta to reopen???


i do, but i think we wont know christmas heroes before halloween ends.

In Beta how does the Charged Mana work for these Ninja Heroes?

EDIT: Nevermind found it in the other thread! Looks to be treated as a “FAST” hero for number of tiles, but can be charged. Kind of handy when Combo’s start going off

Is there any sort of “family bonus” for the ninja troops when used with a ninja hero? Seems like an extremely small difference in stats if there isn’t some other extra that will make players drop their regular mana troops already partially fed in order to work on these new ones.

Calling these Ninja Troops during the Ninja Tower event leads to this conclusion now that family bonuses are widespread since they were introduced in SII.


Slight correction. The ninja troops don’t seem to be linked to the ninja tower event in any way other than by name.

Thank you for the lightning quick reply.

With the similar names I linked them reflexively.

It seems I better save my tokens.

So no new beta today? I was hoping devs would put beta so testers can provide feedback over all weekend instead of “losing” these days with nothing to test…
Anyway, thanks for keeping this threads updated!

Beta Update - 14 September 2020

Beta reopened this evening with new stuff to test, specifically an updated Halloween Challenge Event & New heroes.

The Ninja Tower, heroes etc… have NOT returned for testing in this latest beta build.


No new nerfs for Vela and Telluria yet? Color me surprised. :crayon:


I’m surprised that we do not know anything about new s3 heroes

There is no need to rush.

We already know which S3 heroes will be released this year.

But as I read we will see some new S3 heroes later during this V32 testing.

I really hope they scrap the Ninja troops. It just seems completely unnecessary.


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