🧪 The Beta Beat (v31) – Ninja Tower Event; Alliance Member Online/Offline Indicator; Raid Formations; New ROUND 4 Season 3 Heroes; Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Let’s just suggest to let players being able to turn it off!

[Orcish] kek

Okay Guv updated the OP with the threads for the October, November and December heroes of the month that are coming up :slight_smile:

Please as always remember that heroes in beta are subject to change so don’t get attached to the information on the threads.

October HOTM (Zulag) – 🧪 Early information on the October 2020 HOTM (Zulag)

November HOTM (Glenda) – 🧪 Early information on the November 2020 HOTM (Glenda)

December HOTM (Reuben) – 🧪 Early information on the December 2020 HOTM (Reuben)


Any changes to previous HOTM , from noor to bei?

Nope, none of them came back to beta this round.


Oh no sad , btw nice work

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I’ve now added the new info on Round 4 for S3 :slight_smile: 🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Gefjon, Lord Loki, Odin, Thor) [Part of The Beta Beat V31]


Is V31 scheduled already for production? Or no dates set so far?

People just need to change alliances at that point. There’s no point in playing together if people can’t have shared expectations.

Even without this feature I know of some players who would manually track if you missed a single flag or not. One time this Titan was nearly beaten and had 2 hrs on clock, I had just woken up and decided to make some coffee before using my 2 flags. This guy yelled at me for making him waste a Titan flask. I’ve have ran into few such “dedicated” players. Lesson learnt, never am I going to be in an alliance with such people…they can all “dedicate” their whole lives but I’m out.


Honestly I joke around but I really I don’t see the point of the notification. If you really need to know if a player is online or when was the last time the were…you can already do that.

This is just an easy way to see who’s online without looking for them. The only thing that changes is that when your teammates talk to you you now because they see you turn green, you have to respond so it doesn’t look like you’re ignoring them.

Seriously what other functionality does this feature bring?

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Lot of times I want to chat someone specific if I have a question or an opinion to get. Sometimes someone has a question I want to answer. This just helps quickly figure out if someone you want to talk to is online or not. There is a social aspect to this game…not everything is centered around scores and points.

But I suppose not everyone is going to be comfortable sharing that online status. My suggestion would be allow users to configure that as a privacy setting to stay invisible.


Maybe in V.31, they should introduce at least Halloween new Heroes (1 3*, 1 4* and 2 5* Heroes) too and also maybe Christmas New Heroes (1 3-5* stars Heroes)

As they have introduced quite a long schedule already with S3 and HOTM till December. (Halloween event is over in that time already)

They will surely make the numbers equal to the new springvale and sand empire.

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That’s why I stated before for Halloween will be new one 3 stars, one 4 stars and two 5 stars New Heroes.
Bit curious and excited for Halloween. Hopefully they won’t mess it up like they did in Sand Empires (won’t gonna use any of my token there)

And for Christmas it’s all +1

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If you “want to chat someone specific if you have a question or an opinion to get”, there is absolutely, and I mean absolutely no difference from what we have now.

Today, you have to click a button to see if Jack is online.

Tomorrow, you have to click a button to see if Jack is online.

This tool offers an option for someone to see the entire alliance status and I don’t see the point of why anyone else outside the leader(s) needs that.

Today it’s - go to alliance tab -> click on Jack’s profile -> check Jack’s status OR go to alliance tab -> go to war -> check Jack’s status.

With this change you just go to alliance tab and see status next to member. It removes bunch of extra steps. So no it’s not the same. If there was absolutely no difference then this would have been pointless feature.

Ok you need to stop projecting your paranoia on others. Not everyone is looking to make malicious use of it as you are imagining it. There are many players who have voted and weighed in as to why they requested/supported this feature.

This was why my suggestion was to add invisible mode because there are people who will find this useful and there are people who won’t. It’s unfair to build/block features just based on sentiment of one group.


A bunch of extra steps…

You know, you could possibly tone down the use of such statement on others…

Anyone could have opposing point of view to any proposal no matter how seemingly important it might be.

Anyway on topic , I don’t oppose to some indicators showing people online or offline, but what happened to my simple choice to play this game exclusively peacefully without anyone monitoring my online or offline, although I know this could easily be done already by clicking my profile or any profile…that is why I tend to agree with both of you.

Him on one part, this feature has no additonal value than what is obtainable already, and of course on your part, I also agree that it should have the option of being able to be turned off…

However, if it’s even turned off, one can still check online status using the current method, if its critically needed, at the end of it all, it makes no substantial difference.

Imo, there are better suggested features that need more attention…

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It has always been like that.

At least in my alliance, we know when others are online or not and when is the last time they are online. We know when someone is online but don’t respond to chat.

With or without the new feature, the old feature is enough for us to know.

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For the majority of the week, all you need to do is go to your war screen to see who is online.

This feature essentially already exists.

What’s more concerning to me, is this feature being added in lieu of countless better ideas that have been handed to SG on a silver platter.

Sshhhh enjoy your new light show and forget about everything buried under the rug.

To be precise:
24 hours before war
24 hours of war
24 hours after war

2 wars per week

So it is 6 days in each week we can view the online indicator without opening their profile.


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