🧪 The Beta Beat (v31) – Ninja Tower Event; Alliance Member Online/Offline Indicator; Raid Formations; New ROUND 4 Season 3 Heroes; Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

I am glad for the alliance members online indicator. I’m very active but in a casual alliance, so if anything it might be embarrassing for them to see how much I play, lol. But it would make it easier to coordinate Titan hits and harpoons, that sort of thing, if we know who to address.


Oh look, other features that will delay dupes problem again!

I’m sooooo surprised.


serious question for you. I in act share your feeling about the dupe issue. But what if they decided to double the number of hero slots you get from leveling up and awarded you all of them for your past levels? would you be partially satisfied for a bit while they work on a better solution?

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Sure. Let us know when they do that.

I suspect you’ll complete the rainbow 4* troops using only HA first.

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I’m not sure if this was mentioned or discussed in the past, but in addition to the online/offline indicator, why does this game not have a Private Messaging system? It would make communication much easier both inside the alliance and for recruiting. It would also make it possible to keep in touch with people outside of your alliance. If you are a player who bounces around different alliances and has friends in different alliances, it would also make communication and coordination much easier.


That was addressed here a long time ago:

There’s no indication that Small Giant intends to ever reconsider that position.


What kind of money would a messaging feature bring to SG?

So who`s gonna pay for that feature? Cause SG only builds features that bring money…


LOL “various reason including player safety”…

Nope, i would not.
Slots are indeed a problem, but not the core problem.

A game that pretty much base all of his revenue/system on a summon mechanic (with quite low odds) after 3 years still doesn’t provide any real value for duples.

A few slots more are just a band-aid on a cancer.


I guess it makes sense when u put it that way. Imagine they implement a private messaging system and charge 10 gems per message KEKW

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There are a lot of assholes out and about, they feel no shame in harassing people for their own entertainment. I am all for avoiding private chat, if you want to keep in touch with people in other groups why not exchange phone #s or e-mail?


That wouldn’t surprise me much.
Or acquire messages to send based on how many mistic visions you saw.1 MV=1 msg

There is a “block” feature already implemented in the game.


A messaging feature usually has a blocking system included. So that is a non issue

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For the very vast majority of the player base, this is a simple match 3 game that they log in to while they’re on the toilet. For sure a better messaging system would be great, but there’s no reason to open up those casual players to the kinds of potential abuse (i.e. cyber bullying, etc) that would surely come with private messaging.

just my 2 cents


Ninja Tower and Mythic Titans may be interesting, but honestly I am too disappointed by the final version of HA in the previous beta… So, all these new 5* heroes and new events look to me like a diversion from the feature (HA) the majority of player is really interested in… Only my opinion, of course

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Oh c’mon @DaveCozy, @zephyr1 would have be done by now and start working on the v33 announcement. :grinning: (jk)



Sounds like Jordan Schlansky started at SG when Conan O’Brien visited Finland

Has there been any indication for the next round of season 1 costumes? The majority of the season 1 heroes that I was the most interested in getting costumes are all in the group that hasn’t received any yet :sob::sob:


We go again… Bring on V31

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