🧪 The Beta Beat (v31) – Ninja Tower Event; Alliance Member Online/Offline Indicator; Raid Formations; New ROUND 4 Season 3 Heroes; Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Maybe they just put the paragraph break in the wrong place and they’re not supposed to be connected at all.

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A way to make players build the Hero Academy.

Very Cynical
A way to make 5* tournaments really biased to Elder players if it works out in raids.

Something targeted at Elder players. Wars are very boring for some of the top alliances. This could potentially make war interesting if it works well in raids.

Devs have been entertaining this idea for 3 years, just like adding HotM to training camps.

But it could fundamentally alter the 5* HotM, and 4* ascension item, marketplaces. So they are locking it behind Hero Academy, the only building requiring Stronghold 25 . This would protect profits from new players joining Empires.


Sounds close to the mystery…perhaps after level 10…to research formations

I remember changing formation have been requested in the idea & feature request before.


Is there any news on upcoming release on the last group of costumes? Marjana and Obakan are needing the upgrades.

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No. Previous answers on other threads:

Discussion thread on “Hypothesising/ dreaming/ wishing”


You can already see who’s on using the battle screen in war. This doesn’t seem at all important to be able to hide from.

Using the war battlefield to see who is on isn’t very effective because not everyone is opted into war.

Beta Update

Beta is back. @DaveCozy has done the hero updates.

Ninja Tower has NOT returned at this point.

New Raid Formations has been added for testing. Stay tuned for the new #beta-beat thread; should be coming in the next day or two (just gotta wrap our heads around it to fully explain it :stuck_out_tongue:)


10 posts were merged into an existing topic: :test_tube: Early Information on Raid formations [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

And here’s the thread :slight_smile:🧪 Early Information on Raid formations [Part of The Beta Beat v31]


I wonder if Xmas event will get new heroes and a family like others seasonal events did.

They will make the number balanced between seasonal events, which should mean another 3*, 4*, and 5*, one for each.

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And one 3*, one 4* as well as two 5* Hallowe’en heroes :slightly_smiling_face: Hopefully they eventually also buff Vlad in addition to adding new heroes.


Saw an image of what might be a new Morlovia hero, tho more likely a fan art (a very impressive/realistic one in regards to art style however)… ugh come on SGG, Morlovia is soon, let’s get some initial details… heck, even names would get us excited! :star_struck:

And yes, buff to Vlad is possible given even Margaret got one recently lol…

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When can we expect info on the next set of HotM (Jan- )?

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For morlovia legendary heroes , my guess witch queen and scarecrow because both names comes for dark rare quest .

Because vampire master modified as victor and scarecrow will be modified . Plus at the end dialogue of the rare quest there is one word witch queen so I expect her also .


I’d be surprised if they don’t do this.


Ah, such a hopeful soul… SG is gonna have fun breaking your heart :broken_heart:


Beta Update

Beta is now closed for this round of testing.

I believe testing of the new in-game Support system is due up next, as well as final testing of the Version 31 features before release.

As a reminder, Ninja Tower is due for release late this year, and Raid Formations have additional development before they could be released, and have no announced timeline for release.


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