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Apparently on Monday when the update is fully released and forced.


Yes, as others have mentioned above… staff have indicated Monday at this post #72: Alkashard Combination Bug (V30). 1k Shards for old 10k Rewards (Working As Intended, Staff Response #24)

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HA not being a solution is a contributing factor for why I quit playing. To still not have something concrete after all these years while still pumping out portals that give out season one dupes at higher rates is extremely short sighted. I’d say more but there is really no point; like I said, I’ve already quit playing.


Have there been any progress with the QoL improvements regarding duplicate heroes?
We’re nearly 6 months in and there hasn’t been anything mentioned.

@Guvnor Do you know if there have been any inquiries into this?
Side topic: Have AMA’s been abandoned, or are there any in the pipeline? I would presume that this would be question #1.


I personally don’t think they ever intend to do anything about duplicate heroes. There was another thread recently about this topic you may be interested in reading through. This will probably continue to be brought up and remain unacknowledged.


Gotta keep the pressure on.


I was about to ask the same than you did, now that Tavern of Legends, Ninjas & Mythic titan are released, the season 3 is almot finished, maybe it is time to adress duplicate heroes topic.

@Guvnor, any information from staff about it?



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Is SG considering a reset token, or recipe in HA, that would enable players to retrieve the 4* ascension materials used on tier 4 heroes(maxed or not) in a players roster?

You forgot to add 20 Groots.

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Shameless bump.

@KiraSG @Petri

A follow up for the community perhaps?

Would love to hear the reasons why such an important QoL improvement has been offset by more summon portals.

I have reposted the comment below, just in case you have forgotten.


@KiraSG @Petri
As a player for nearly 3yrs now and as I presume for many to most players that have been around for this long using the last level of Hero Academy is a total waste of recruits and resources as we already have most if not all of the 5* heroes that are on offer there thus all we are doing is retraining duplicates to get other duplicates. I have done 10 retrainings in there so far and that’s all I got was more duplicates thus each new 5* I got from there went straight back in thus this level will never be used anymore “by me at least”.

A suggestion here is allow all 5* in the game to be part of that level just adjusting the % odds accordingly, even if it means dubbling the material cost required to use it, it would still be a better option and acceptable.

Another option would be! Since summoning cost 300 gems or EHT and everyone summons the same way from the same portal allow a new payment option/button within all the current portals which does something like

1 duplicate 5* hero + 150/200 gems. This would allow most veteran players who have already paid for these heroes an acceptable option and you guys still make something from it but it also provides an opportunity for those players to get a 5* they wouldn’t already have.

The other option is simply creating a new method which allows players to exchange duplicate 5* heroes for a EHT and you could also maybe include an exchange of duplicate 4* heroes for ETT. I’m sure this would appeal to most veteran players.

In both scenarios these would have to be Duplicate heroes in one’s roster and couldn’t be used otherwise.


I think 5*'s are worth a LOT more than a fraction of an EHT.

Think about how many summons took place to acquire said 5*. Then you trade it for a 3.8% chance of another?

Likely scenario is clearing twenty dup 5*'s and receiving twenty dup 3*'s in return. You will then feed these away as food, where you could’ve just eaten your 5*'s instead.

Trading for EHTs heavily undervalues your 5*'s.

The first option of increasing chance in the HA for additional dups is a far better idea.

IMO, best option would be to transform them into 4* mats. 4 heroes in, your choice of 4* mat comes out.


I actually do feed my duplicate 5* into each other as for me who has around 350 slots playing 450 gems for 5 more slots just store more duplicates just doesn’t sound viable at all…

To date I have fed around 30 plus 5* s, that’s a lot of gems.

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