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I’m sorry to see you go (even if you dont know it yet, even if you will use the HA patiently and get a new hero in 3-4 months, your patience will run dry as your stockpile of 4* mats increases).
I know it because i`m in the same situation. Luckily I got a kashrek costume which i didnt have, so working on that at the moment. But the grind sure doesnt make any sense when I dont see any light at the end of the tunnel.

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What exactly is “my scenario”?

And no, the answer is retraining a dupe Epic for another Epic in 6 days is a worse choice than training recruits for the same Epic in 5 days.

You’re shifting your goalposts. The argument started here:

HA offered an option to use your worthless 5* and turn it into another 5*. You literally have an option now to get rid of a dupe 5* and get another legendary 5* or a HOTM, S2, or event hero if you’re lucky. If you don’t like the chances of trade that’s another matter but I can’t take you seriously when you dismiss vanilla heroes here and later on go on saying:

So it’s hard for a F2P to get one single vanilla 5* (2+ years of grind) AND at the same time the same F2P has dupes of 5s and no need for another 5.

Talk about a false dichotomy. Either it’s hard for a F2P to get a 5* hero and a new vanilla 5* is most likely a new addition, or it’s not that hard to get a 5* hero and a new vanilla 5* results in just a new duplicate. You can’t have it both ways bub.

FTW, many of my friends would love to get a Joon, or Lianna, or Magni, or Vivica, or Marjana to name but a few vanilla 5*s despite of playing for almost two years now but here we are acting as if every F2P not only has all of them, but has even dupes to trade and nothing but a guaranteed HOTM, S2, or Event legendary would be a fair tradeoff.

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That’s a tough luck buddy and I feel for you. But to put it in a positive way, you should also be proud of what you have achieved. Hopefully your luck changes soon.

So I’m similar to you

2 years in the game
65 lvl
I have 33 S1 heroes (9 completed)
0 S2
0 S3
7 HOTM (2 Zimkitha, 2 Clarissa)
1 Event (Rana)

Personally, I’ll take the HA in any form because anything is better than having a bunch of 1/1 Justices or Horghalls or Obakans.

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I agree, it doesn’t matter as much how they’re obtained, whether through recruits or retraining… I just want a chance to pull S2 epics without spending a ton of money. I’m fine with leaving S3 heroes where they’re at now, since they’re still shiny and new. But they’ve essentially closed the gates on S2 heroes for the most part… summoning window is now much shorter and the Atlantis coins are much harder to come by. I feel like it’s either you already have all the S2 heroes you wanted, or you might as well just give up on getting them.

It takes a lot more than a few months to level a SH to 25 and a HA to level 10. Even at that point, you will still need enough 5* feeder heroes to refeed into the HA to pull out the hero you want. I don’t really think it’s too unreasonable for people who have stuck with this game for 2-3 years to have a decent chance to start pulling old heroes that other higher spenders have already been enjoying for a year or more prior. Especially considering that they’ll probably be releasing more heroes in the future who might eventually make even Gravemaker obsolete (just using Grave as an example, because he’s one of the older heroes who still remains very relevant in today’s META).

I actually like your idea. That almost sounds even more generous than what I was suggesting.

For the record, I’ve been playing for 21 months, as a VC2P. I only have maybe 2 heroes on my roster (Miki and Malosi) that most people would consider to be “awesome” (well, 3 if you’re on board with the idea that Lianna is also too OP) :laughing:

I’m not asking to have every single hero handed to me on a silver platter. Just sick and tired of saving up gems and coins and whatnot just to pull an endless stream of S1 feeder heroes.

Eventually you reach a certain point in the game where you start to wonder if you’re ever going to get anything different.


Seriously? You’re the one who posted the comparison, and took IMPORTANT parts of voidstrike’s suggestion out, ignored that change, and then tried to claim that SGG was giving him something better!

They both have ZERO VALUE to anyone capable of building HA.

If you say so… I’ll shift them back. So now instead of 95% I’m 99.5% right. Because there’s far more 3 and 4 star heroes in need of exchange than 5. And those haven’t been addressed at all.

Where did I say either thing? The “2+ years for F2P” is purely in reference to how long it takes to build HA. The point, which you utterly missed, was that pulls from a portal don’t require that, and so perhaps comparing the two on a percentage basis alone isn’t valid.

I have 2 accounts, one is F2P and has exceptionally few 5s, but it’s all of 9 months old. It’s not been running tc 20 that long. But by the time it could build HA it would have several classic 5s, although likely not all. Know what it wouldn’t have? Nearly any non classic 5s.

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To add a bit more perspective… the odds of pulling a 5* hero from a single pull from TC20 are estimated to be 5% (never officially confirmed, this is just what has been determined through data collected)… a player will have to run a single TC20 for an average of 40 days to pull one 5* hero.

Granted, it’s possible that a F2P could run four TC20s simultaneously, netting an average of one 5* hero every 10 days - which isn’t too shabby… but they would then also have to put those heroes into a fully maximized Hero Academy for 10 more full days for a chance to turn it into… something random… likelihood being that it is just going to turn into a different Season One 5* hero, based on current odds, yes?

And also… THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER HERE… is HOW LONG a player (ANY player, including spenders) has to grind in order to even have four TC20s, a level 25 SH, and a level 10 HA. It’s not like any of these things are just given to players on DAY ONE. I think anyone who has played long enough and been dedicated enough to fully level up their base to that point, regardless of their personal spending level, absolutely SHOULD have a VERY GOOD chance to turn an otherwise S1 5* feeder hero into something awesome.


FFS, this is @voidstrike’s relevant suggestion:

And this is what I have repeatedly said here:

So what exactly did I take out?

The S2 heroes. Which was the entire point.

Aren’t they Epic heroes?

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I don’t think giving a HOTM ever level sounds reasonable. But giving you a quantity of EHT’s would be interesting. 1 token each level 30-49. 2 tokens each level 50-69( and so forth).


That was just tongue in cheek. Long ago I suggested that the game should reward players in every milestone with a hero depending on the milestone. In other words, something like a free 3* rainbow team when you start the game, a S1 Epic on level 5, a S1 Legendary on level 10, a S2 Rare on 15, a S2 Epic on 20, a S2 Legendary on 25, a HOTM on 50. The details ate irrelevant, the point is the game should offer something good enough to motivate players to play, but bad enough to keep spenders spending.

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When you reach level 100, you get a special Vivica avatar. Levels 101+ gives 50 gems and 1 EHT. So there’s that.


Really? Didn’t know that. Still a long ways off for me


Me too. Someone shared screenshots in a Facebook group.


There is no any missions like that ?

@TheBeastxGreat , @Eustacia is not describing a mission. what is being described are the rewards for player level up.


Yes. Sorry for the confusion.

Maybe I missed it… But can someone tell me when alchemy labor is available again?

Thanks in advance guys!

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When achlemy lab unlocked ? Still locked

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