🧪 The Beta Beat (v30) – Hero Balance Updates; Updated Alchemy Lab; Hero Academy; Updated Sand Empire Seasonal Event; Updated Path of Valor; New Season 3 Heroes; Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

I’ve finished working through Alchemy Lab, and have posted an update here: 🧪 Early Information on IMPROVED Alchemy Lab [Part of The Beta Beat v30]


How do you have the time to do all this and run an alliance? Kudos to you zephyr


Is @zephyr1 human???


Probably not

Ever since I subscribed to the beta-beat threads as per a la @Guvnor’s tip I have realised how much work Zephyr (and all mods for that matter) puts into everything as my notifications are going bonkers


Our leadership is collaborative, so I don’t have to do all of the work. I wrote about that a bit here: Forum Interviews: An Audience with @zephyr1 🏹

That said, I’m looking forward to v30 Beta ending at some point. :sweat_smile:


Beta Update

Beta has now closed in preparation for the next build and testing round.

I’m not sure yet when that will be, but my guess is probably not today.


Wow. They are testing a ton of things at once. This is crazy.


NO !!! he’s a God who likes online games :grin::



@ProfLoki maybe they’re uploading Unicorn Loki on the sharks with diamonds… Herr… With Dawa!

@zephyr1 is beta reopened?

It’s in the process of reopening right now. The Build Notes are up, but the actual Beta build isn’t available yet.

Beta Update

Beta has reopened, and the Small Giant Staff have indicated this will be the last Beta testing cycle of Version 30, and is primarily for identifying any remaining bugs.

Please note that it’s common for some Heroes and features to cross Beta Versions — so just because this is the final Version 30 Beta doesn’t mean the HOTM or other content tested during Version 30 won’t be changed further. However, anything released as part of Version 30 will likely be finalized, for instance Sand Empire.

I’m not sure at this point whether the updated Alchemy Lab or new Hero Academy will be released in Version 30.

As part of this update, the upcoming Heroes of the Month have each been slightly updated:

Additionally, some small changes and fixes are noted:


Most interesting thing probably)

I think we want to know whether new HA or new AL will be released in v30 or be tested in v31.

Why is this not surprising me at all? :roll_eyes:

They found out people spent a ton of money on “legendary” summon and think maybe they could delay the HA for a month of 2, so they can still get some more money from that portal.

Beta Update

I’ve heard from the Small Giant Staff that Hero Academy and the updated Alchemy Lab ARE planned to be included in Version 30.

As always with Beta, this is of course subject to change.

For what it’s worth, I have given my personal feedback that the versions currently in Beta should not be released now.

Based on the feedback I’ve seen during Beta, I don’t think they’ll be well received by players, as there’s a lot of unaddressed feedback.


I am not fan of both AL and HA in v30 beta :frowning_face:
I was hoping different feature tests for them :frowning_face:

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Thanks for update @zephyr1

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Something is better than nothing. At least will get upgrades out of the way while devs gather feedback from production data. Sometimes you need to do prod testing (with minimal impact) even if it isn’t ideal.


I actually suggested that a good option would be to release them now but announce they’ll be further updated later this year.

I agree this would be a useful way to let people start on the long upgrades in the meantime.

It would by highly unusual for them to make an announcement like that, even if it were planned, but it seemed worth suggesting.

Even without an announcement, though, the possibility of HA undergoing changes later like AL is now is certainly very plausible.


Good point. They can release HA with v30 and update it later, the same way as already existing AL. It can give them enough production data for analysis, way more than during the beta phase.


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