🧪 The Beta Beat (v30) – Hero Balance Updates; Updated Alchemy Lab; Hero Academy; Updated Sand Empire Seasonal Event; Updated Path of Valor; New Season 3 Heroes; Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

No, new heroes for Valhalla!


Next question: Additional to this list? See link below:

I think yes, cause they were in v29 and now they’re working on v30

Eagerly waiting for your post bro


Im really curious about the July Hotm :see_no_evil: :star_struck:

Beta Update

Beta has reopened with several content updates, including the addition of the July, August, and September HOTM.

June’s HOTM has NOT returned to Beta in this testing cycle, but here’s the thread for easy reference: 🧪 Early Information on the June 2020 HOTM (Raffaele)

I’ve updated the top post of this thread with these new links as well.


2 notes:

1 they learned from Telluria: a Red interesting tank and two meh heroes

2 they finished fantasy for good names :slight_smile:

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Bro so only pending item is S3 heroes after that beta will be free for some months for new content am I correct ?

Ok we get 4 underwhelming HoTM 4 month in a row. I’m pleased because I won’t spend any gems:)

Be cool bro this is now in beta and surely they will be re-modelled and outcome will be fantastic to good or atleast okay .

Clarissa is underwhelming too?

Well at lest she is very fast which compensate the fact that she hits like a baby :wink:

I was referring to raffaele so it will be from June to September with no good HoTM

I think he talks about Raffaelle and the new three. I am so bummed all 4 are way weaker than past HOTM!!

She has a normal hit, especially after Tibs)
And she is very fast, so, she can hit at least twice at offence.

I remember when everyone said Gravemaker was weak.


Are they any updates to AL and HA?

No, they’re not included in this round of Beta.

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I guess all the people crying about Telluria really scared the pants off of SG this time. It’s kind of hilarious when I think about how the SG stuff must have been reacting. Almost makes me feel sympathetic to them rather than pissed off.

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I’m not going to post in each individual HOTM’s thread, but I really like that this new batch is not vastly, manifestly overpowered (see original JF, Telluria, and arguably Clarissa builds).

It feels to me like SGG might be properly chastened and more cautious following the Telluria re-balancing debacle.

I skimmed the threads and many are complaining that these HOTM’s are underwhelming. That may be, but the alternative is power creep, which I believe would be far worse. It’s a tricky balancing act and one that I think too many (myself included) don’t take sufficiently into account in our comments. That SGG must tread a path between these different factors must be difficult.

I guess I’ll wait and see what changes are made to these builds and in the meantime attempt to be more patient with SGG and more understanding of the challenges they’re facing.

Meanwhile, @zephyr1, you continue to be incredible. If we had forum sabermetrics I suspect your work rate would be ridiculously head and shoulders above everyone else’s. It’d also be pretty funny to see a heat map of your forum activity. I get the impression that some are almost blaming you personally for these HOTM builds, which is risible. I hope it’s not bothering you. Know that there are many who very genuinely appreciate all the work you do for us.


Agreed. Personally I often wonder how the mods put up with the nonsense that goes on here regularly now. Kind of kills the fun of being able to talk about the game and new developments. Just crazy to me that people see the initial beta heros and it’s like they suddenly forget that changes are made literally every single time. There aren’t many examples of the initial beta version being the final version rolled out.


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