🧪 The Beta Beat (v30) – Hero Balance Updates; Updated Alchemy Lab; Hero Academy; Updated Sand Empire Seasonal Event; Updated Path of Valor; New Season 3 Heroes; Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Hero Academy isn’t in Beta yet, it’s coming later this month.

A reminder that Beta comes in cycles, and additional content is coming.

Beta never has all content open for testing at the same time.


A bit sad we get neither of

  1. Sand empire
  2. Hero academy (just kidding this will never come)
  3. More Loki Heroes

This would have been a perfect opportunity to sneak in something new while everyone is distracted by Telluria


Or not even new Upcoming red and green Hotm.

Cause probably red hotm sniper with Mana down regeneration resist / water damage resist can shutdown telluria with Vela.


Really, just really solid handle/comment synergy. Bravo!


Beta Update

The Small Giant Staff have indicated that a revised version of Alchemy Lab, as well as a first version of Hero Academy, will be part of the v30 Beta testing in a later cycle.

I’ll create new threads for them when they come to Beta.

No details are available at this time.


Beta Update

The Small Giant Staff have indicated that in addition to Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy, v30 Beta testing is planned to include updates to the Sand Empire Seasonal Event.



Even a timestamp of sorts by saying v. 30 instead of ambiguous month with no year attached!


To be clear, Beta will be part of the v30 cycle — whether they’ll make it into the v30 release or a later release isn’t set in stone yet.


I figured that by the clear mentioned of “first iteration”…

…but news is news…

Revised Alchemy lab…I have no expectations on this so I can definitely not be disappointed…
I may have to retroactively “un-boo” you and Raptor for building this out…but I doubt it.


Beta Update

The Small Giant Staff have further indicated these additional items will be part of v30 Beta as well:

  • Heroes of the Month for Jul, Aug, Sep
  • Path of Valor: UX Improvements & New Missions
  • New Season 3 Heroes & Provinces

Wow, V30’s going to have a lot going on. Hope those beta testers weren’t planning on sleeping any time soon.


Nor the mods. If there was this much reaction to “balance adjustments” to two heroes, imagine if they lay an egg with the first version of Hero Academy in beta.

Honestly, this might be a scary time to be SGG. They will survive the Telluria/Vela kerfuffle, but if they have that, and botch the HA launch and AL revamp in rapid succession, it might have a significant effect on the player base for their cash cow. I’ve played Puzzle Combat. It ain’t E&P.


According to the forums I’ve been witnessing this since I joined 1-1/2 years ago.


Our beta testers are usually very active, reasonable and vocal. SGG just have to listen.


Agreed, I have a lot of respect for the beta testers. It would be nice if SG gave greater consideration to their feedback. Perhaps this Telluria debacle will lead them to do so.


First - Zephyr thank you for posting all of this info. You are working hard to deliver this to the community. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the effort on your part.

Second, I hope that as these new developments come out that the community moves on from the Telli / Vela adjustments discussion. Beta is PACKED with new heroes and aspects of the game to explore. The staff and devs have been pumping out new content for us at a crazy pace. There’s no way for it all to launch perfectly and not have some positive / some negative impacts on the current meta. At least the powers that be are working hard to keep the game fresh for veteran players, while listening to player feedback an updating maligned heroes so we have content to re-examine and play with.

Change is good. Tons to appreciate here.


Can’t wait to see the rest of the beta info posted here throughout the month the same way new info was posted in v29. May be worth noting that the title suggests more info on the way than what is currently posted in the thread. V29 updated throughout the month of April as well. Probably the same scenario here.

More coming. Be patient.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget your daily sacrifice to appease the tile and summon portal gods. Or don’t and suffer the consequences :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Hahahahaha


I’m excited for Unicorn Loki.


Alchemy Lab, Hero Academy, I am freaking loving it.


Perhaps one of the most intense Beta Beats so far?


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