🧪 The Beta Beat (v29) – ROUND 2 Costumes, Tavern of Legends, May/June HOTM, ROUND 3 Legendary Season 3 Heroes, NEW Rare & Epic Season 3 Heroes, Season 3 Niflheim Provinces – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

I seem to remember SG talking about new QoL features for alliances coming sometime “soon”. Is this in beta or does anything know what I am referring to?

SGG confirmed on a bug thread that V29 would be starting roll-out next week:


Nope and Nope :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol shoot. Maybe it was part of their 2020 sneak peak plans? I’m positive I read it here, I just can’t remember where

It was, but no time table given. Don’t be surprised if they claim that POV titans and wars are what they meant. And further retcon with #playaparttogether !

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Lol I certainly hope not. I’d imagined they create a way to “spar” with alliance mates, but it’s wishful thinking

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Yeah that’s exactly where it was written - new ways to interact with alliance or something along these lines.

Honestly the update I’m most looking forward to apart from season 3 itself. Hopefully it shows up in beta soon

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@zephyr1 do you expect new beta in this week or rather in May?

Typically there’s a pause after a release before the next Beta opens, but there’s no consistent rule for that.

So I would say we might see a new Beta this week, but almost certainly will see one by next week if not.


I hope Hero Academy will be the first thing which will be tested in Beta next :slight_smile:


We had the same hopes for Alchemy Lab and when it was released, we discovered it’s a nonsense for almost of all us. I think we’ll have the same surprise with Hero Academy :unamused::unamused:

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We will see. I am preparing for the worse, but and I hope the best :slight_smile:


Beta Update

Testing for Version 29 has now closed, in keeping with the norm when a new version is released live.

Release Notes are available here: Version 29 Release Notes & Status

As the next Beta version is expected to have a new version number, I’ll be making a new Beta Beat thread when Beta reopens.


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Why only is season 1 hero’s the focus of costumes ? Why not season 2 hero’s? It just seems like there are other hero’s that could use the variety and unique opportunities to be two different paths and sets of skills. Bare in mind avoiding a hero becoming op.