🧪 The Beta Beat (v28) – Updated Springvale, ROUND 2 Season 3 Heroes, Apr/May/June HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Am I right that only first 4 provinces of season 4 was tested in beta? Does it mean we should expect only one new province in this week or they can release more?

Have you any idea when will next Beta reopen? After release of V28 (probably next week) or earlier?

They released three provinces at a time for season 2. They released the first three for season 3, so they will most likely do 3 at a time for the entire season.

The version is preparing for release. Beta isn’t even closed yet. First, it closes. Then they begin the slow process of rolling out the update. Once it rolls out, they wait a few days before forcing the update… then, maybe they’ll really worry about V29 Beta… So no, not probably next week…


Beta Update

While Beta is now closed, the Small Giant Staff have indicated that they hope to begin the next round of Beta later this week, beginning with 20 new Costumes.


New costumes can’t wait. I got all 3*, sonya, and no 5*. So like every other portal I probably can only get duplicates from here on so bring on some new ones.
Ty zephyr keep up the good work


Love the costumes :slight_smile: really looking forward to see what they will make of Wu Kong, Kiril, Scarlet etc. Would be awesome to see a Tarlak- or Miki-like attack booster, so that those haven’t been lucky enough to draw one of them have a decent chance to get such a hero :smiley:


I’m more excited to see what happens to the lesser loved heroes.

That too, especially the almost useless 3* heroes like Dawa, Renfeld, or Prisca. Would be awesome to see a boosted version like SGG did with Hawkmoon who became a top-notch hero :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the vanilla 4* heroes, there are hardly any ‘lesser loved’ left. Skittleskull already has her costume. Kasshrek is lesser loved because 4* tanks only have a temporary use (until the first decent 5* tank can replace them) while 4* offensive heroes remain interesting for much much longer. For beginners and early intermediate players (Gold arena, maybe low Platinum) Kasshrek is already pretty great.

5*, yeah Thorne and Elkanen… Would be great to see a more useful version of them. Sadly, it’s quite hard to get a specific 5* costume (therefore, I mostly care what the 3* and 4* are going to look like)

For sure. I’m curious if the Ramming Pulvarizers get the same treatment, Renfeld gains a purpose or Chao’s rise to stardom is as epic as it is in my mind.


I’m honestly intrigued by costumes. quite a few of them so far have been a hit (Rigard, Hawkmoon, Vivica, Joon, Lianna, Sonya, etc), some of them have been a bust (Skittle, Li Xiu, Horg, etc.) and some a bit in between.

I hope they do make Magni and Marjana competitive again against the new powerful heroes, and I think there’s plenty of room to fiddle with Elk, Kadilen, Obakan, Domatia, etc.

Most of all I hope they make Thorne OP. The poor fella and his owners deserve it after all those jokes and ridicule.

If experience has told us anything though, none of that will happen. Good heroes will get better, mediocre ones will get more mediocre, bad heroes will get worse.

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Lol. It does certainly feel like that’s how it goes, more often than not.

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