🧪 The Beta Beat (v26) – Season 3 Heroes, Path of Valor, Costumes v2, Feb/Mar/Apr HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Thread title says

Sharing the Big Picture on What’s Going on in Beta

…but it isn’t allowed to post beta pictures… :nerd_face:


I noticed that in v26 you can’t see the profile of blocked player anymore. Is this a bug or a feature? :wink:


I noticed some changes in the latest version not mentioned in the notes like:

1- season 1 and 2 icon change.
2- hp bar has smaller font.
3- enemy specials have a sound before firing (the same sound when you trigger your own specials).
4- you cant view profiles of blocked players (bug?).
5- mystic vision icon changed to like vip dragon collection with the only mystic vision in the bottom corner.
6- game notification has emojis

What else you noticed?


My country has no update for now

The smaller text apparently is in preparation for the release of season 3 heroes who have specials which affect total HP

Not sure on the others :slight_smile:


In beta the icons for map seasons and mystic vision were there, just cosmetic. I’m concerned about the chat block issue, that wasn’t in beta AFAIK or even mentioned, but the small number of testers makes that difficult to check unless you wanted to specifically do so.

HP bar is indeed for s3 heroes, Ratatoskr being one.

Notifications - nothing noticed from beta, notifications there are sporadic anyway.

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For what little it matters, I’m getting emojis in notifications on v25. So it’s server side, even though it changed there when they started rolling out v26.

Misleading notifications since v26:


English idioms are funny like that :slightly_smiling_face:

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Beta Update

With the release of Version 26 rolling out to the live game, Beta is now closed.

I expect to see a new version number in the next Beta, so I’ll be creating a new Beta Beat thread accordingly when Beta reopens.

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Do we have any hints or a final summary or whatever on whether JF (and Telluria etc) will be rebalanced, on what testers think of the next HoTMs, etc?

I think it’s pretty likely we’ll see upcoming HOTM return to Beta again, particularly Telluria and Malosi that are farther out. I think testing balance changes of one or both of those two are likely, based on the general direction of feedback.

I’m less sure about JF. There’s been a variety of feedback, but if there’s going to be more testing of a different version, it obviously needs to be pretty soon.

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Any guess at the cost of participating in PATH OF VALOR???

When a hero is max level but not max SS the SS value now shows up in a red font. Pretty sure that’s new. There’s also a note that Talent Grid unlocks when both are maxed.


On the world map, the buttons for switching between seasons have changed from Arabic to Roman numerals. Also, I think they used to be rectangular; now they are round. This is no doubt in preparation for S3.

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Hero roster- All of the ineligible hero’s for trials and raid tournaments are now at the bottom of the roster.


Nope :stuck_out_tongue:

Prices don’t appear in Beta. It’s offered for free for testing. My guess would be about the $9.99 USD (~14.99 AUD) for the pass but who knows.

ooh! good pickup! thats cool & handy!

This one was in the official release notes :stuck_out_tongue: but I personally think its the BEST of the changes… nothing worse than doing a 3* tournament & having to scroll for years…

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I just picked the closest 3 maxed 3 star and then sorted by power…they are all grouped together then.

The addition to Onatel’s mana steal is distracting.

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Does seem a bit much for her to light up like a Christmas tree every turn.

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