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Santa’s Challenge entered Beta today.

I haven’t seen mention of changes yet, but I haven’t had a chance to look carefully myself yet.

It’s possible nothing will change, I just wasn’t sure why it was coming to Beta unless there’s something to give feedback on.

Sounds like nothing major then. That would probably be fairly obvious :wink: Nothing in the release notes?

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Literally just this: “Santa’s Challenge is back.”


Beta Update

I asked Small Giant Staff about whether Santa’s Challenge was intended to have any changes for this year, and got back the answer that there aren’t any notable changes intended.

Please also note that while Beta currently has Talents live on the Santa’s Challenge Bosses, they’ve explicitly confirmed that is NOT intended for the live game — the Bosses won’t have Talents, just like last year.


That’s good, because if Mother North started mana shielding my Onatel, I would LOSE MY CRAP!


My role in War typically involves attacking multiple teams with Mother North on them, so I know what you mean. :sweat_smile:


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