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Maybe they add Jack Frost, the Grinch or the Ghosts of Christmas Last, Present and Yet to Come (Charles Dickens would be proud). :thinking:

Back to the Roots?


Not urgent but I noticed the dragon change. I have the golden dragon and since I got it I’ve also been allowed to swap color to green or purple as long as I have vip. I have never bought more than the monthly but I still have both colors plus gold. I assume gold stays but will I lose the purple color from the year-long one?
Gold one comes from when 3 friends complete l10 in vip invite challenge mission btw.

@zephyr1 heavily implied there could be changes to the Christmas event since he was told that the Christmas event would enter beta.

Read first, then post. :joy:

Edit: I saw that you got it :slight_smile: And yeah, I’m not expecting any major changes. I was surprised when it was implied that there could be and would like a confirmation one way or another, once it’s known.

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I am also waiting for the news of the event (even just to hear nothing has changed) !!

Yeah, I was NOT expecting Seasonal Events to be changed until Zephyr suggested that it might be because the Christmas event was entering Beta.

Yeah, I think he posted that on Tuesday?
I have been thinking on this since that moment hahahaha.
My first Christmas event and I just want so badly for it to start (and to know if the summon will last until January to get vela!)

I think it was Tuesday, and he said that the event was supposed to enter Beta on Thursday. There might not be any change at all, I guess we’ll see. If it went into January last year, I think it is likely to do so again. I kinda doubt you’ll get a confirmation from Staff on that though…

Santa’s Challenge entered Beta today.

I haven’t seen mention of changes yet, but I haven’t had a chance to look carefully myself yet.

It’s possible nothing will change, I just wasn’t sure why it was coming to Beta unless there’s something to give feedback on.

Sounds like nothing major then. That would probably be fairly obvious :wink: Nothing in the release notes?

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Literally just this: “Santa’s Challenge is back.”


Beta Update

I asked Small Giant Staff about whether Santa’s Challenge was intended to have any changes for this year, and got back the answer that there aren’t any notable changes intended.

Please also note that while Beta currently has Talents live on the Santa’s Challenge Bosses, they’ve explicitly confirmed that is NOT intended for the live game — the Bosses won’t have Talents, just like last year.


That’s good, because if Mother North started mana shielding my Onatel, I would LOSE MY CRAP!


My role in War typically involves attacking multiple teams with Mother North on them, so I know what you mean. :sweat_smile:


Thank you @zephyr1 for all your effort, collecting all the info for us. I appreciate it a lot


Are we going to have Santa Claus and Grimforest in December?





Costume event can tell me when?

Next costume event will most probably start on the third Monday in December (16th).

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