🧪 The Beta Beat (v24) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Costumes & New Riddles of Wonderland, Fables of Grimforest, and Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Events, New HOTM

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Scratch that…Just didn’t look hard enough. Carry on

On the bright side: we all have hero dupes, and the moment the academy hit beta we’ll all know if keep them or feed them to Aife :laughing:


I hope hero academy wont require gems… Because if it does Aife will need lots of bicarbonate to make the digestion of my 7 Joons



1* needs food. 2* needs food and ore. 3* needs food, ore, gems. 4* needs food, ore, gems, and cash. 5* needs food, ore, gems, cash, and your first born child.


Don’t forget your soul and a virgin credit card sacrifice.


Got it!


What do I get?



I fully anticipate trading in a Margaret + gems for a Thoth Amun. Trying again with Thoth and getting back the Margaret :confused: I hope we get something in beta soon, I wanna know where their heads are at… just hoping they aren’t lodged somewhere…


I find it hard for them to go to your first born child…

…illegal organ trafficking generally needs adolescent to adult parts.

edit: FYI I vehemently dissent against organ trafficking and illegal activities…posts made are in jest.

They can use alchemy lab to transmute the organs to adult organs …


By the way, any word on next month’s challenge event?

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Also wondering about this. I’m hoping it’s Grimforest or Wonderland, because I want Guardians to be the last revamped challenge event released. More chances to earn coins so I can burn them all trying to get Falcon and Jackal. If I get one or both, Grimforest (Hansel) will be the next target.


I have mixed feelings. I wanna save all my gems for November Atlantis(Evelyn), but I also really want the Hatter :joy: my main targets for the new events are the 3s, since I want every 3-4 in the game. Only missing Rudolph and Valeria from the currently released heroes.


Yes, I got an answer for that when I asked, but they’re planning to make an official announcement about it.


Okay, I’ll keep my eye out :slight_smile:


Thank you.

Please correct me if I am wrong here but it seems that with these new costumes being reduced to only now and then that unless your prepared to spend big when they do appear most average players (which IMO is most players) who have been discussing, waiting and looking forward to these coming out will have to not only wait even longer if not a few months before they can even start using them, CORRECT?

Just an opinion here but don’t you think that with the current extremely slow grind of the way things are ATM for everything else within this game that making costumes summons permanently available would create a greater benefit to both the game and players thus removing the complete and mostly p2w aspect of it all.

Don’t get me wrong here I really enjoy playing the game but it gets to a level after and around 16 months plus of playing that really makes you think twice whether it’s all worth it as this grind just gets worse with every passing month and although I do understand the reasoning for the grind there could be better management to reducing it for higher level players not to mention that the more grind there is the less likely one is inclined to spend.

You guys do a great job with this game and all these new updates are appreciated by all I am sure. Keep up the the great work.


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Speak for yourself LOL. No dupes here…

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Moderator’s Note

The Small Giant Staff have announced the November and December Challenge Event schedule: Sneak Peek & Schedule Changes for Challenge Events & Atlantis Rises in Nov/Dec 2019


So as stated before the costumes event will start on the 18th
Challenge event will end on the 17th and atlantis will start on the 21st
My guess the costume event will be 3 days long! As they said event and not quest but maybe am wrong need to wait and see


Beta Update

A new version of Beta has been released. Please see information on it in the thread below.

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