🧪 The Beta Beat (v23) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Stronghold 22/23 & Alchemy Lab, New Challenge Event Heroes, New Knights of Avalon & Pirates of Corellia Challenge Events, Costumes, November/December HOTM

So in essence the possibilities of using 1 and 2* AM i can make the truck load of trap tools i need :rofl:

Completely agree with Barry.

No wonder Zero retired.


Getting harder and harder to be excited about these updates, not gonna lie. If this is how the alchemy lab works, I can only imagine the price tags that will be placed on the hero academy.

Is there a way in it’s current build to say… trade hidden blades in for a chance at guaranteed 4* mats or no? Seems it’s trade a 4 for a 4, but I also saw mention of building an item up…


Finally i get a use of my 55 orbs :rofl: but am afraid of getting more orbs


I agree.

And this was before Atlantis Rising was added.

Even if they unlocked Alchemy Lab at Stronghold 10, like Barracks, I just do not see anyone using this when 100 gems lets a 3* hero team farm Season 2, Province 1 during Atlantis Rising for a large number of loot rolls which a small chance of Atlantis Coins.

I was really hoping Alchemy Lab would allow players to make emblems, or gems, which can be used with any hero roster at any level of play.


Barry’s got a point. And a pretty good one actually.
If they want Alchemy lab to be an end-game addition, then they need to make it worthwhile for end-game players in cost vs return.
As a matter of fact, my Sh21 will probably be ready in 1-2 months, so it will take a hell of a time before i can see this lab in my camp. And the cost vs return is a big drawback

Why not make it like the barrack? A new-mid player building that can benefit every player. Of course, the higher the level, the bigger the benefits. But as @BarryWuzHere is saying, being able to access tall boots or training manuals could help new player and provide them the little boost they need instead of waiting to see if RNG will be kind to them.

It could be much more beneficial for every player.


I’m not a f2p player, but they are getting the shaft. Basically, the game is saying, “Hey, you can upgrade these buildings so you can’t take advantage of them.”


Hmmm…anything good that can be done with training manuals was a bad idea anyway.

Top tier/end game players have tens of thousands of them since they are farmed a LOT whether you want to or not and can only be used at ~1/1000 the rate you farm them. Maybe double that if you are stubborn enough to use nearly worthless training camp modes just to consume a few more.

And E&P really doesn’t need new things that help end game disproportionately more than new players.

Training manuals are destined to remain an ever-increasing pile of worthless crap that are a measure of how much you’ve farmed in this game total. Anything else would be unfair.


I don’t think I’m gonna use alchemy lab if it will require gems. Sure I’d like to convert tall boots into something useful, but not if I spend gems and after you days get a battle manual.


But you could at least throw in a “convert 10 of these into 1 3 star farmable”, so at least they go to SOME use.

Or let us sell them off for some ham.


I have to admit I am disappointed. So you can spend like 3000 gems (10 tries x 300 gems each) to still not be able to get the 4* ascension material that you want?

How is that F2P friendly?

My suggestion would be somewhat different: instead of 300 gems and two minutes to transmute, change it to 3 days and zero gems or something similar…


It might also be 3 days.

The 2 minute Transmutation time is just for testing purposes, since you can’t skip the wait with gems.


Everyone has too many compasses eventually. Just saying.


For me, the 3* farmable mats are have the exact same value as training manuals — nothing.

And if it made something useful … as I see it, instant wealth proportional to the number of months people have been playing seems like an awful disruption to game balance.

Players in top 100 alliances already get more loot than most others … because they have the rosters and battle items to easily complete events/quests and kill the biggest titans.

And those are the players sitting on 10,000-20-000 training manuals. They don’t need an instant windfall.



Do you also have too many gems?


No. I’m C2W.
20 gems

Training manuals + iron = Troops?

Training manuals + Titan Parts = Gems?

Training manuals + recruits = emblems?


All I really wanted from the alchemy lab was to be able to trade in items I don’t use, for items I’d like more of… I’m not even asking for 4* mats, although that would be nice, but just to be able to trade for some leather strips, crude iron, large bones, things of that such easily would be great… providing it didn’t come with a gem price and I was able to select the mat I wanted to trade for… hope this changes as I’d like a useful upgrade to come out of all these new buildings.


Or unused mats --> swords/backpacks/rugged clothes


I don’t know, make it some crazy conversion at first, get everyone to use up all those mats, then adjust it down? The whole point of this was to get rid of useless items, but now we’re saying people have too many of the useless items so now no one can get rid of them?

I just want to convert them to something useful.

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