🧪 The Beta Beat (v23) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Stronghold 22/23 & Alchemy Lab, New Challenge Event Heroes, New Knights of Avalon & Pirates of Corellia Challenge Events, Costumes, November/December HOTM

Currently, it appears so. Initial feedback is highly critical of that.


Thatbwouodnsuck to invest something and spend to get exactly what you traded imo it would be a waste


Personally, all I’m hoping for is a creative solution for all the 3* and 4* ascension mats everybody gets but can’t use. Nothing more than that. As a ftp, I’d rather spend 300 gems on getting the mats I need for the few 5* heroes I have than having to wait for months till I get the right 4* AM.

I think it’s obvious the alchemy lab wont work like that tho.


It is a mild, slow fix for people who have a huge imbalance as currently shown. It isn’t a fix for the scarcity model or the RNG stuff.

It isn’t a way to get the mat you want/need, and that will never be at your fingertips. (Yeah, there will be a handful of purchases that include an arbitrary mat each month and the rare quests and events with specific ones. But you can’t just at any time decide you want to buy or farm a dart; you have to wait for that offer / wait for the quest of interest to pop up)

MY biggest disappointment with the alchemy lab is that I don’t see anything worthwhile I can do with over 10,000 training manuals!


You can Transmute them into 2* AM, and Transmute those into 3* AM, and Transmute those into 4* AM.

The heat death of the universe may occur before you get the mats you need, and you’ll definitely get a big credit card bill, but it’s hypothetically possible.


I am really surprised though. I was expecting them to wait for Hunter’s Lodge to be widely tested before they added another advanced building. I hope they listen to your feedback, especially for when it comes time for Hero Academy. It is the building I really want. I am excited about turning a battle manual into trap tools. I hope that works out.


I like that premise, though I don’t like the current cost structure for it.

But if they fix that, it would actually be excellent.


Are you going to publish that information after they release a second build? What kind of wait times are we looking at? For the conversion process

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Yes, I was going to publish everything now, but it struck me as being so in need of changing that I held off in anticipation of likely changes.

The Transmutations Times in Beta are all set to 2 minutes to make it possible to test the Alchemy Lab — so we don’t know what the actual times will be yet.

But I’ve documented everything else.


That was my impression.


The Hero Academy will be F2P friendly. The Alchemy Lab works differently; ( linky, linky ):


I think demanding gems to get a 4* is wrong.

I would be willing to gamble with two 4* mats to get one that might be useful. But not use gems.
I also don’t think the new mat should be guaranteed, being disappointed with rng is what the game is all about

I am NOT f2p. Been playing for exactly a year but haven’t done the math on how much I have spent.

Ps thanks for the guidance on the advanced storage requirements and priorities.


Uhm, I have 2188 arcane scripts, 2083 daggers, 3305 leather armor, 2112 sharpening stones, 3581 strong rope, and 3789 wooden shields to use up before I start transmuting my 10,353 training manuals to get more.

But I don’t even need to do that until I use up 471 battle manuals, 333 chainmail shirts, 374 scabbards, and 429 tall boots.

I’m guessing that I’ll be too short on hams to even use up my surplus 3* non-farmable ascension mats, never mind get into my 2* surplus or think about the 1* surplus.

Here’s hoping that the hero academy uses training manuals by the hundred so people using my farming guide actually want to farm for them, and I’ll have to feature that info! :rofl:


Perhaps a possible option for the final (10th) level could have two versions of the transformation.

One version doesn’t require gems but the 4* AM you get is random and you get a shot at a bonus 4* AM and the other version involves the same items but with a gem cost added to get a specific 4* AM but without the chance of a bonus 4* AM roll.

Caters to players in more situations, the free option allows players who have a major imbalance in a particular item like Tomes to randomly swap them for something else and maybe get something extra whilst the player who desperately needs one specific item can get it by putting gems towards it.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Another question: does anything unlock for stronghold 22? If not, this will be the first time you literally get nothing for upgrading the stronghold…


A bit interesting that there is no advanced trainings camp. Hero academy will probably fill that spot than.

Alchemy Lab costing gems is highly problematic from my point of view and remembers me a lot of the first version of raid tournament


I knew they said one of them was F2P friendly. Thanks!
If this stays the way it is, I probably won’t even use the Alchemy lab. 300 gems is ridiculous.


No, I didn’t observe anything that unlocked with Stronghold 22.


Yes, they’ve said the the idea for a separate Advanced Training Camp has been merged into their current plans for the Hero Academy.


I just realized something.

Making 2* ascension mats with the alchemy lab is 1000% useless for anybody playing this game.

Worse than training camp modes TC14-18, and TC5-9. (Pretty nearly useless) Worse than Stronghold 22. (Completely useless except as a stepping stone, but at least you don’t have the option of wasting hams researching it!)

For level 1 build and research (!!!), you need SH23, All Iron storage 20, 1x Advanced Iron storage 10, AllFood Storage 20, 1x Advanced food storage 6, 1x Advanced food storage 5.

Getting to SH20 takes 4 months of play. Getting all your storages maxed to 20 takes another month or two. Getting advanced storages maxed and getting to advanced storages to that level is going to be a few more months.

Guestimate: Most players with Alchemy Lab 1 researched will have played a year or more.

Anybody I know who has played a year has been swimming in 2* and 3* farmable ascension mats for a while. If you want to make something that only helps level 20 players who need tall boots to ascend a 3* hero, make it accessible to level 20 players!

Some players at that stage are still short of 3* non-farmable ascension mats, but may soon be only worried about 4* ascension items.

Consider this a plea to find SOMETHING to do besides making 2* ascension mats that high level players can use since only high level players can access this!


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