🧪 The Beta Beat (v23) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Stronghold 22/23 & Alchemy Lab, New Challenge Event Heroes, New Knights of Avalon & Pirates of Corellia Challenge Events, Costumes, November/December HOTM

Just glad for the new quests, nothing else.


Given how weak Prisca is, her catwoman costume needs to be amazing.


I agree with making the unhappy player base aware of options. If SGG gonna do us like this with their Alchemy Lab, then let the advertising for the competition begin, I say!

More likely it will be more compasses or gloves…

But after 10 transmutations getting a stack of compasses you can do a few more to get some gloves, wash rinse repeat. lol.


Re: 14-star titans. Just for giggles I took Grimm, LJ, 2x Caedmon and Wu Kong vs a 14-star blue titan. Scored 100k over 5 flags. Most of the time the team survived to the end. Had to play a whole new kind of defensive approach. I only took minor healing pots, turtle banners, axes and minor mana pots. The bottom line is that 14-star titans are playable with 4-star heroes. I don’t think one can expect to get to B grade (170k+ damage) on any regular basis.

In my normal titan strategy I fire off the SS as soon at the hero charges up. I hope to get as many SS shots off as I can. I look to make strong color tile matches as soon as I can. Call it a quantity over quality approach.

With the 4-stars heroes vs. 14-star titans, I play the weak spot as perfectly as I can and hold back all SS until one good board appears. This amounts to building up one good tile cascade in the whole 90 seconds. The board may take 50 - 60 seconds to set up, if it gets there at all. And usually there’s no way to build up a second board. This is quality over quantity. I use a lot more healing pots in this strategy because it will probably take 8 - 10 minor pots to heal up a 4-star back to the point where they can survive a second hit. The important thing to take away from it is that Grimm, LJ and Wu all survived their first hit from the 14-star titan if you have both turtles and axes in place. Those 4-stars are among the squishiest in the game. They had no emblems but I put 4-star troops on them. Those were level 1 or level 2 4-star troops. I figure if one gets to the point where they face 14-star titans, they should have at least some 4-star troops.


2367 or 2376? You can reach 2367 at Adv Iron 4 and Adv Mine 7. 2376 will require Adv Iron 5. I ask because I chose Food-4 the other day and my Iron is at 4. Then I read this thread about an hour later. I chose…poorly. But not really a big deal as there is no rush for the new buildings.

Getting a lucky streak is no more of an outlier than getting an unlucky streak. That’s RNG. Neither one is really that uncommon. An outlier is like the poor guy who went over 500 pulls with no 5*.

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2367k, sorry for the typo. :heart_decoration:

(The top post was correct, just my in-stream comment was wrong.)

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Only Iron storage counts

([Suggestion] Production storage or consistent labeling)

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500 pulls without a 5*? Was this confirmed, or just his claim?

I probably did at least 200 pulls without a 5*. But then I eventually got a 5*, so I have to start the count over again. And oh crap, also just got a bonus draw HOTM, so starting over again again.

Dangit. I just realized. Now I’m not going to pull another 5* for months! :persevere:

Sturdy shield for me… I have almost 40 of them while the other 3* unfarmables only around 20…

That’s exactly what I thought of Alchemy Lab’s primarily purpose as being — smoothing out RNG noise that had led to wildly uneven distribution of Ascension Materials.

Doing that via yet more RNG is bad enough, but paying gems for the “opportunity” for more RNG is what really gets me.

I’m sure plenty of people will happily do that, though.


When there’s only one path for people to walk…

The only way to smooth out RNG unevenness is with choice. Letting you choose from three to four random exchange results is a better solution to the conversion in the alchemy lab levels.
The opposite of chance is choice.


I’m sorry the logic isn’t clear enough.

What’s this business about needing a high amount of cups for knights of Avalon?

:thinking: Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re referring to, can you elaborate?


No. It’s something I read in one of the ridiculous polls. I couldn’t elaborate because I had no idea what the heck that was about, and I found no information about it in the post.
thank you @zephyr1 for confirming that it was simply some ridiculousness that scared the crap out of me. :grin:



I’ve now updated the Costumes Beta Beat thread: :test_tube: Early Information on Costumes (Formerly Skins) [Part of The Beta Beat v23 & v24]

I’ve also created a Beta Beat (v24) thread to index any featured tested in Beta under the v24 umbrella — which is currently only Costumes so far.

That thread can be found here: :test_tube: The Beta Beat (v24) – Sharing the Big Picture on What’s Going on in Beta: Costumes


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