🧪 The Beta Beat (v23) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Stronghold 22/23 & Alchemy Lab, New Challenge Event Heroes, New Knights of Avalon & Pirates of Corellia Challenge Events, Costumes, November/December HOTM

No worries. I would be a little surprised if the system is even set up to handle that designation.


Yes. Just look at the other things in the game that is at a 5*. Those things have the lowest drop chance, so why should they change it, just that on some 5* things but not the other stuff?

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Suggesting that the mere fact that they relabeled something would cause them to decrease drop rates which are already in the neighborhood of 1% to 4% for most sources is nonsensical to me.

They have a flow rate of ascension materials that they are trying to provide so that people can max at least some of their 5* heroes. They’re unlikely to suddenly monkey with that just because a label changed.


Training camp

Surprisingly all levels of training camp are popular. Just not among players on the forum. Gryphonkit, my wife, and many of my teammates have unlocked, and used, all twenty types of training.

I am thinking of Empires more and more like the stock market. It does not matter what math, or reason says, but what makes you feel good.

Advanced Fire may not be as efficient as Uncommon, but it is more fun for many players.

Less sucky

But I agree that most training could be less sucky.

I would love if Legendary training had a

5% chance of 1x 5* hero

20% chance of 3x 4* heroes
( still no Cyprian, playing since 2017-Sep, 1:3 is the ratio of 4* to 3* ascension items)

75% chance of 9x 3* heroes

Few alterations

With the addition of Alkashards I think the Devs have a working concept. With the addition of actual transmutation times in Beta, I would bet 300 gems that this is released on the live server with very few alterations.


I only visited Dark Sun once when our Spelljammer lost a cannon. Fashion seemed to be very leather and buckle intensive.


With Advanced House, I now need more zoltan ( WTFriar Tuck autocowreck?! ) . I need more kits.

We could change 3* farmables to 2*, 2* like Wooden shield to 1* Wooden shield and 1* kits to 0* kits if changing labels would automatically change the drop rates.


The Harpoons in beta were 4* battle items. When released they made them 5* battle items instead. None of the costs were changed :slight_smile:

You’re worrying too much.


Good news! This has been changed.

Hat tip to @Gryphonknight for pointing it out.

Stronghold Advanced Building
22 Mine, Farm, Iron Storage, Food Storage
23 Alchemy Lab
24 Farm, Iron Storage, Food Storage
25 Hero Academy

This makes me way happier than it probably should. I am so glad they got rid of having a level for no reason. Thanks, SG!


That’s a very nice change. So, if I learned my lesson from the last app update…when they update the app to v23, we can expect the SH22 upgrade to appear within a week or so of the app update?


Any idea how much iron is needed for SH22 and what level the advanced iron storage is necessary if all other 4 storages are maxed?

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I believe it was 2367k iron which would be one Adv Iron Storage at lvl 5 (with all the others maxed)


Yep, it’s still 2367k Iron for SH22, that doesn’t appear to have changed.

I have the upgrade costs in the top post of this thread from the original Beta.


Will they release Stronghold levels 22 and 23 at once? Or even 22 to 25 at once?

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I would guess 22 and 23 will be released together, since they’re currently in Beta together.


If the alchemy lab is delayed (because it sucks and all) this change allows them to release Stronghold 22 like right now if they want to and it would have some (even if minimal) impact in the game. Releasing it when it meant nothing was a bad idea, but with the new update in Beta, it could mean that they might release level 22 alone sooner than 23 and alchemy lab.


What I don’t understand with alchemy lab (in this state) is that, they could easily do the same in the shop if the goal is to let us use gems for it. This way everybody can use it and don’t have long building times. Some people will need a long time to even reach alchemy lab.

That is a really weird way to go. I really have to question that some of the SG staff is really playing this game. It is like they don’t understand there own game.


It seems to me, that the debate is whether this game is pay to win or not. And how to limit the pay to win to make it somewhat more equitable for free-to-play and cheap to play. There is no question that this game is pay to win. They do try to limit it, how much is up for debate…

The opposite of chance, is choice. They are mixing choice and Chance by letting you select from random options.

At least they are instituting a little bit more choice…


Beta Update

Beta is now closing again.

I’ll update again when a new Beta Version is released for testing.


I’eager to hear the news!

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So… reading the Alchemy chart…

  1. My 12266 Training Manuals can be turned into more stone/rope/shield/armor/dagger/script

So (initially) I don’t think I will go for the gold. If things stay the same, I will just work from the ground-up and then I’ll move on converting my stone/rope/shield/armor/dagger/script to 3* ascension mats.

Then I can rid myself of the Battle Manual / Chain Shirt / Scabbard / Boot abundance.

It’ll take longer than those who want to speed it up, but at least I won’t have as much useless crap laying around.

Then at some point in 2020 I’ll trade my shards for something.

Or. …

  1. I could just go for the top level and get the crap I actually want. for 2250 gems. Huh.
    Then I could trade my shards in a couple months for something that I need 5 more of to be super pleased about.


This sounds great… if today is opposites day. It’s not playing a game any more… this is not fun. this is grindy busy-work that is devoid of any sort of pleasure and the incentive to do so diminishes by the second.

I get that this (and many other games) is a superlatively-boring grind-fest with fleeting moments of satisfaction and extended periods of frustration. Have we all become slaves to the machine here?

“here let’s have them do more stuff that isn’t actually a game… I know… let’s have them move the data around to get them more stuff they think they need…”

At its core, it’s bejeweled with cards and the supporting mechanisms make the cards and jewels more powerful. I get that. But it just all seems overwhelming and too much.

and SO WHAT if I’m not happy that I have to buy a new pair of garters, fishnets and a teddy for Boldtusk’s newest big adventure

Or maybe I’m just grumpy and incoherent at the moment…


After 2+ years of E&P, I am still trying to figure out where the puzzle part is. Or maybe not having puzzles is the puzzle part?


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