🧪 The Beta Beat (v22) – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: New Buildings & Titan Battle Items


Oh man thats a good one. I hate that forgon witch​:man_facepalming:t2::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::+1:t2:


Thanks for taking the time to put this all together for us! Very useful…just linked this in our alliance Line chat so everyone can review.

Level 25 Stronghold? Ouchie! They better shorten the build time on this as one week was bad enough for lvl20.


The build times in the first Beta version were quite long. A fair amount of feedback has suggested shortening them, but we don’t know yet whether the developers may do that or not.

Beta is currently closed for making updates based on initial feedback, so we’ll see if they update them when it reopens.

In the meantime, I’ve avoided posting the initial information to avoid spreading something that could end up changing a lot shortly. I’ll add more details in as things firm up a little bit and seem less likely to completely change.


May have been wrong, but I guess I read level 21 SH earlier on, should this be the new dimension to it?


As I mentioned in the notes, Stronghold 25 is listed as required for Hero Academy. That hasn’t entered Beta yet, though.


Thanks @zephyr1, this is much clearer. I guess I am trying to focus on the closest options.

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At least our builders won’t run out of work too soon :grin: Most probably the stronghold upgrades are going to be released in three steps (21 + Hunter’s Lodge, 23 + Alchemy Lab, 25 + Hero Academy) with quite some time in between, so even very long building times won’t affect us too badly.

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I can see them holding their lengthy build times to control the influence on the game and monitor for adjustments. That’s cool, gives everyone six months of building towards tougher titans.


The build times would be fine, but release the SH updates right now. Don’t wait for Alchemy Lab and hero academy to be released, just set the times and release the upgrades, even if they don’t do anything yet. That will make it much smoother once the buildings come along.

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I agree, I’ve been hoping they’ll release SH21 immediately, even if they don’t release the new buildings with it. Might as well let people start on upgrades.


I hope they listen to you and release it before time


Why don’t developers unlock the stronghold at lvl 21 so we can start to upgrade it?


Miki is gonna be good with the ability to silence. That status ailment is great on its own.

Silence will also help out the less popular 5 star heroes; C. Kestrel and Atomos. The silenced targets can still gain Mana but can’t use special skills, so getting stuck at full Mana can mean they’ll get hit very hard. If you get Miki and have any of the 2 above 5 stars that sounds like a good combo to try out.


I got a feeling it’ll be around December before you see it all change. No one will get a head start. Could you imagine the sniveling.


The info has given some of us head start anyway, earlier on my iron storage barns were left at lvl18, now I am driving all to lvl20 asap.
While all other structures : mines, farms, TCS, etc are compliant :blush:.


Hey zephyr1! How long before harpoons roll out. How much time is there to save up the mats to make a harpoon?

Thank you!


There’s no way to know for sure, but we’re currently waiting for a new version of Beta with updates to how Harpoons work.

So it won’t be right away, at least.

You’ll also have to complete at least the sh21 upgrade and research Harpoons first once they’re released. That’ll add another week and a half, roughly.

So you probably safely have around a month to save items for crafting Harpoons, presuming the Beta finishes and releases in the next couple of weeks.

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Hey it all sounds shiny and new and exciting. Something to broaden the spectrum of game play. I’m sure the usual complaints will be forthcoming but at the end of the day it’s something new to do and I for one am all for it.


Man, the 1* material inputs for a titan harpoon are just cruel for people in higher level alliances killing higher level titans, and using bigger battle items against them.

Crude Iron – this needs 5, and tornados need 4.
Oil – This needs 5 and timestops need 4.

Sadly, months before I realized this, I crafted around 1000 arrows and around 1000 antidotes, and I’ve still got 600 and 900; I’ve got 100 crude iron and 670 oil. The only 1* ingredients I’m lower on are bones and leather strips that I use for minor mana pots as fast as I can.

Hey devs, how about something that will use some of my surplus string, or clean cloth? Or 2* crafting mats? (Hopefully not Metal Ores) … I’m not even gonna mention common herbs, :rofl:

And yes, I’m aware that this was apparently the first sighting of it in beta, and likely to change. That’s why I’m speaking up now, hoping that it WILL change.

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Similar feedback has been given in Beta.

I suspect it’s also, intentional, though:

This is really what Titan Battle Items are meant to address, and only the Giant Harpoon uses traditional crafting items. Everything else uses Titan Parts.

So my interpretation is that the devs are incentivizing shifting from Tornadoes and Time Stops to Titan Battle Items.

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