🧪 The Beta Beat (v22) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: New Buildings, Titan Battle Items & September/October HOTM

Thank you very much! Are the new buildings gonna be about a month out too or do you think longer?

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I hope they don’t nerf Titans to make up for the extra damage these items will deal. I can live with 11*'s one shotting my heros but if nines all of a sudden one shot your heros that would suck.

The harpoon is only good against titans, correct? The others can be used in multiple situations.

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It currently looks like the first round of buildings will release together, but it’s possible they could break them up more, especially if it ends up requiring more rounds of testing to get Titan Parts and Titan Battle Items finished.

They won’t. We’re going to see 13* and 14* Titans again.

Yes, the Giant Harpoon and all of the Titan Battle Items are only for Titans.


I get the idea … but still … you need harpoons to get titan parts so you can craft other items, and if you are fighting 12*s you kinda need things like tornados and timestops … or at least loads of mana pots to keep wilbur’s special active …

Well … I’m ahead on crafting timestops and tornados anyway since I use them lightly, and partly crafted them to burn surplus iron. I think it is time to stop that until the new stuff comes out.

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I think in the long run, Emblems and Titan Battle Items will make regular 4* Battle Items less necessary for 12* Titans.

I see a lot of the recent and upcoming changes as being parts of the toolset for 13* and 14* Titans.

So my take is that they intentionally chose the same crafting ingredients to both encourage shifting to Titan Battle Items, and make players balance their own priorities — it makes it a resource management decision, like all the others in the game.

If they chose ingredients that they knew many players had a lot of extra of — like Clean Cloth or Common Herbs — then that constraint would be considerably lessened.

Related: it’ll be interesting to see if Alchemy Lab can help turn extra crafting ingredients into ones for Giant Harpoons.


True. Limited resources that you have to manage is a fundamental part of the game already. I shouldn’t expect that to change.


This kind of information helps a lot players to plan what to do based on what’s coming. Thanks for sharing this with the community


Would be nice if we could deconstruct items that we don’t use. Like taking a revive scroll and pulling out the nuggets or a super antidote and getting the dust out of it.


i find it useful in knowing what possible things to prep for and i use it to keep my alliance up to date

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Have there been any 2* tournaments in Beta or should I eat my levelled 2*?

There have been in the past. I have no idea whether they’ll ever come to the live game or not, though.


Rumor said it was tons of fun in Beta.

However the Tourney matchmaking is so broken ( based on Power not Elo ), that 1* / 2* Tourney would be a horror show and very frustrating.


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The best idea I read for a long time.

This must be in one building, in my opinión :wink:

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if the game developers let us start building up the STRONGHOLD to like lvl 24 or lvl 25 with no descriptions of what it does and then when the other buildings are ready when can have a head start on building them because rumors rumors rumors are that these new buildings in total would take another year or so if your good at scheduling your upgrades.


The only people who said it was fun in beta were the ones who participated. Most of us drew the line at leveling hero food and refused to participate in the ridiculousness.

I have a sizable group of beta testers as good friends on line and we all agreed we had no desire to participate in 2* raids either in beta or the meta version.

And with raid arena loot being so horrible theres really no reason for us to participate. It just wasnt any fun. Just my two cents.


Yeah I can see those complaint threads

“Upgrading stronghold above lvl 20 does nothing”
“I wasted my iron upgrading SH to lvl 21 and got nothing in return. Please give me back my iron!”
“Bug report: upgraded SH to lvl 21 but can’t upgrade other buildings”


If you didn’t participate, then you cannot speak to whether they were fun or not. You chose not to experience them. I’m sure if they came to gen pop, plenty of people would skip them. That does not mean they won’t be fun for the people who choose to participate.

Just sayin.


player who don’t read the news will complain. lol iron ? many players should be near max and overflowing iron with nothing to use it on. just think positively. shoot by the time SH 21 is reached the upgrades to buildings with be ready HA the wait is just that long.

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I leveled a rainbow team of emblemed 1* for experimenting and for fun. I finished S1 13-6 with it. I don’t plan on eating them anytime soon, at least not till I see how far I can go with that team.

Me and my friends would love to participate in a 1* tourney if there was one, but that’s besides the point. People have different ways of playing and enjoying a game afterall, no?

Oh and I love the idea of deconstructing items, I’ve wasted too many materials in creating turtle and bear banners. I don’t use those anymore.


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