🧪 The Beta Beat (v22) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: New Buildings, Titan Battle Items & September/October HOTM

@IvyData, I was just seriously contemplating my arrow usage. It’s going to be tough to cut that out as it’s almost become a habit during a Titan fight.
I’ll make 50 arrows, the next day I’m wondering why I’m out of arrows? :joy:


It sounds like we have similar approaches to Titan fights. I tend to throw an arrow at the beginning because they’re basically free (that is, they had been) and have a decent effect. For now I’ve stopped doing that and have been throwing an axe instead. And I may even scale that back a bit, depending on the board and titan strength.

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Same here. I’m curbing my arrow throwing on titans, maybe add a healer :wink:

I fail to see the use of advanced houses unless there were also changes with the training camps. As it is now I’m never short of recruits and have stored many hundreds in my training camps. I don’t need additional recruits.


Not yet, but presumably it’ll serve a purpose for the Hero Academy or Training Camp upgrades to come.


idk, i am always short on recruits, looking forward for any additional ones. This new houses won’t give much income btw.


I’m C2P, so have two TC20 running in the hope for 5* snipers. One TC11, the last one alternating production. With this setup I’m never short of recruits. It’s rather food and 1 and 2 star ascension mats I’m short of.

I’m FTP, one TC20, two TC11, last one 1-2-19. I farm 8-7 as hard as i can, don’t waste energy on useless quests like “gather iron”. What i doing wrong? Also, i just get use all my swords, always has some of them. And while i spend them, i get some backpacks and clothes. Still, i think some one like me can find use for this new houses, which is good. I don’t know what “improved mines” for, because i have lvl14 mines, and always has full iron storage.


Most likely for 5* Titan battle items. But possibly for summoning troops ( we currently have no way to store iron). Or both.


I might say, on different levels of play you have different focus in resources. If new feature do not affect my gameplay, it doesn’t mean no one needs it. I understand it.
I am also don’t get, what this new titan battle items doing? is there any data about it?

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Rumor says Beta just revised the 5* Titan battle items based on player feedback. So this feature is still very much fluctuating. But think battle item ingredients from titans to fight titans, especially rare titans.


How many irons does it cost?

To be clear, is them allows you to inflict more damage on titans, or to get more loot from titans?
I don’t asking about any numbers, just want to get the idea of new feature.

Iron and Ham costs for Titan Battle Items in Beta weren’t set to real values for initial testing. So we don’t know yet.


The Giant Harpoon inflicts damage and debuffs, and causes the Titan to give Titan Parts when it is defeated. But this is changing in the next version of Beta, so it might work differently.

The other items have various uses for damage, avoiding damage, etc. They may also be changing.


Many thanks!
I am exited about this new content right now. Thanks for this treads, i love to read announcements and also patch notes.


And I would LOVE more recruits and got instantly excited when I saw this. Plus this might help cutting down my farming time.


Wondering how titan parts are changing.

I hope something similar to what I suggested here could be considered (reply 41 in this post), since I think it would be really cool. Thanks for the 15 likes btw! And also to whoever took their time to read my long post :smiley:


I don’t think it’ll be like your idea, though it is a cool idea. But they are reworking Harpoons to be more of a team usage instead of solo, so who knows…


Titan parts? Like I can get tentacle of the Snot Queen?

Ok so titan parts will be a bottle neck. i would drop down, harpoon a one star titan and then jump to another alliance and repeat. I could rake in the titan parts but inwas mercing like crazy to see if it worked and it did.

@Kerridoc might wanna address this somewhere before mercing comes as a major issue to get titan parts.

2nd i found the most useful item to be the scroll of alteration followed closely by the titan banner. The scroll of alteration allows you to choose a hero once you select it. 5 tiles on the board then change to that heros color.

Next the titan banner gives everyone 50% attack and 50% defense for 3 turns. Roll this with tarlak and your golden. I hit 6 titans all 12* using alteration and titan banner and my worst hit was 99,500 my best hit was 165,000. If this stands 13* and 14* titans have to come back. I also hit one 14* titan once. I landed 130k ish hit on him.

All i can say is that those two items are awesome. The others are okay but those are the two i centered on as best.

Anyways thats just the start. The other guys can chime in on the mats as they may have a different take


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