🧪 The Beta Beat (v22) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: New Buildings, Titan Battle Items & September/October HOTM

Version 23 has started Beta

=> Click Here for the Newer Version of Beta Beat (v23)


SG) I think You forget about watchtower))) really) its one of the part of its game))

This may be the wrong place to ask, but when is there going to be new beta openings available again? Asking for a friend. Wink wink.:smirk:

I really have no idea, unfortunately.

They added a bunch of people during the last round, and I’m not sure how they decide when to take more applications again.


Tell “your friend” to keep trying. Being helpful and active on the forum is a good way to get noticed.


These new battle items… are they just for titans? These hurricanes and Caltrops, time freezes etc, or like everything else can they be used elsewhere? I’m just thinking it’s going to give a new edge to the top ten in challenge events, setting the finish line even further back from everyone else having the opportunity to compete if these items can be bought and the higher more advanced people can make them before anyone else can. Crazy town. Or are there sensors in place that only allow you to use certain items when specifically facing a titan. And wont allow you to bring these items to challenge and seasonal events, provinces etc? Seems like another plausible argument for unfair advantage if there are no restrictions for usage set in place. Just mentioning an ongoing discussion in another chat. Trying to get some answers to hinder and hault all the tin foil hat theories. :smile:

They’re unable to be used in Challenge Events, barring a rules change, as only 4* and below items are currently allowed in the Legendary tier, and all of the Titan Battles Items are 5* items now (which is actually a change from Beta, when Giant Harpoons were 4*).

They can be used in Quests and World Map Stages, though.


Thank you for the response. I will pass it along.:grin:some other people I have been chatting with have brought up a great topic also that may be a great topic for beta discussions. I noticed it happens to me at times and is quite annoying. So here is my proposal question…

Being that people play this game all over the world at any given moment, and due to traveling or placement or signal or service crashes… it may be plausible to create something to detect a loss of service mid war strike or titan attack, challenge event or quest whether be farming or completing, to freeze where service was lost so when signal gets restored you do not lose hard worked on items or crucial flags etcetera. It could be really frustrating especially if you happen to be in a place at the moment with intermittent signal. Personally where I am at it happened to me 3 times in the past 24hrs. It is annoying. Some others have troubles on a daily basis. Could there be a remedy made for this in coding? Or something to that effect? Either like a pause until returned to or reset so items aren’t continually lost? That’s a pretty good question I think.:grin: wdyt?

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That’s a great idea, but not for Beta — that’s just for testing and providing feedback on already-created new heroes, content, and functionality — it’s not for brand new ideas.

For that, we have the #ideas-feature-requests section of the Forum, and there’s actually a post there that you can vote on and contribute to about that sort of idea:

You might also be interested in this one:


Cool. Thank you again. I will check those out.:grin:

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Do we know what event will be next thursday??

Yes, Fables of Grimforest.

Link for more info: 🧪 Is There Early Information on the new Challenge Event Heroes for Pirates of Corellia, Fables of Grimforest, Guardians of Teltoc, Knights of Avalon, and Wonderland? [Part of The Beta Beat v23]


THANK YOU…for getting back so fast


Are the new heroes going to be a part of the challenge event yet?

The link above has more info, including the answer to that. :slight_smile:

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No the new hero’s aren’t entering the challenge events yet


Nevermind… shoulda clicked the link first! Lol… Happy Independence Day America! And to all the men and women that made it all possible! CHEERS! ALL OUR LOVE AND HAVE A SAFE HOLIDAY! From ALL of US IN the 11TH HOUR & 10TH HOUR FAMILY!

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This thread seems to have run its course, since the version it’s about was released almost a month ago.

I’m going to close this thread now.

The newer version of Beta Beat is here: 🧪 The Beta Beat (v23) – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Stronghold 22/23 & Alchemy Lab, New Challenge Event Heroes

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