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any tips what first to build and what next

ThE sTrOnGhOld FiRsT.


There is only one thing to build first: SH21 :slight_smile: and you’ll have a week to figure out what next :stuck_out_tongue:

One week build ouch that hurts

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The starting point would always be the frame of agreement which is inclusive of ToS, and you would agreed to the ToS at either point of download or at the point acknowledging to create an account to play the game, what @Garanwyn is explaining here is that when the terms of service is explicitly defined regarding how long the data would be kept and both party has agreed, it will hold ground in any court of law.

Here we go!

Note that the Stronghold 21 upgrade time was shortened from the 8 days and 12 hours in Beta to 8 days and 1 hour in the live game.

Update: Staff have confirmed that building times were shortened based on feedback in Beta



That is awesome news. I was just wondering about the same. :slight_smile:


Hmm, I see I did not got my flags back, the maintenance hit when using 20 flags on last level on Farholme Pass.

Great! I am leaving my post with the spreadsheet up but I will make a new one eventually with reduced build times and post it for the wiki. The amount of food iron etc is probably the same but I’ll track it


Thanks, @Epigenetic, for both your original spreadsheet, and the updated version to come!


Looks like I don’t have to because Mariamne is making a beautiful sheet and we can put the data in there


Last I’ll say on the legal matter,
FYI some factors depend on whether the agreement has to be clicked through in order to use the app and a lot of specific wording examples can undo a T&c, potential example even though its a website:
One thing I learnt from having a lawyer sister is that terms and conditions are not all powerful

If you have read my statement, you would have noticed that I said starting point, note that it all dependent on how the words had been framed within legal context as you have also mentioned, and from my experiences as a contract manager, I will tell you, don’t Click, don’t agree if you are unsure, at the end it will all boil down to how experienced the person who is prosecuting and who is defending is, but to say T&C would be thrown out of court, you should read some T&C and get proper legal explanations to be very sure. It is not on the ground to be generalized as dismissible.

Moderator’s Note

As Stronghold 21 and the Advanced Buildings are now live, I’ve put together a new FAQ thread:

🏗 Stronghold 21, Hunter's Lodge, Titan Battle Items & Advanced Buildings FAQs


The build times are in part moot given the resources the upgrades require and the time it takes to re-farm/mine the next level, particularly when factoring in normal training and craft uses of said resources.

People get hyper focused on 8 days. But zeroing out your iron reserves to build SH21, plus crafting tornadoes and/or time stops for 4-5 titans… it’s not that long a time you have to sit on a full iron storage awaiting your next chance to deploy all your iron in building a lodge


i would prefer not to sit on resources waiting endlessly, thank you very much. if 8 days seems fine to you, great, to me it sucks.

it’s one thing to have rational building times to allow for resources replenishment but something else to prolong it to absurdity.

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i just have a quick question, I am the highest person in my alliance at the moment I am currently working on the 21 stronghold, and I was wondering how many harpoons can one person use on titans? Is each player limited to just one harpoon?

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You can take 5 Harpoons into each battle, so you could use up to 5 per Titan hit, if you wanted to.

But the production costs for a single player being the only one using Harpoons can be quite large, depending on the level Titans your alliance is fighting.

You’ll have to decide for yourself whether it’s practical for you to be the only one using them to hit the required number for Titan Parts to drop.

My point is it’s not really a pointless 8 day wait to build another structure. The pointless part of the wait is the part after you acquire the required resources and then are sitting around thumb twiddling… which in this case may be 2-3 days.

Is it ideal? Nah. But is it crushing in the context of this game? Hardly.


Didn’t the release notes say that new missions were added? I don’t see any…


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