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Is the harpoon debuff permanent? The description doesn’t say anything about how many turns…

Also, I suppose upgrading Hunter’s Lodge blocks crafting and vice versa? If so, this is going to be ridiculous with the upgrade ans research times… You canmake some harpoons in advance before upgrading to level 2, but from 9 to 10… ugh.

It’s 6 turns. There are 2 descriptions for it, a short one, and a long one in a tooltip.

The short one lacks details on how it works on Titans, and the long one lacks the mention of the turns. I had put the long one because it’s otherwise more detailed, but I’ll amend it to include the turns.

Correct, like how a Forge works. It’ll be necessary to craft whatever you want for use during the long upgrade times ahead of starting an upgrade, or to stop using those items during the upgrade.


Any idea when it will hit iOS and get fully released?

It typically takes 1-3 days for the iOS releases to come out, since Apple has to review and approve them first.

I would imagine they’ll enable the new buildings around the end of the week, or at latest early next week.

The Great Purple 'Pus, er, Octopus

Darn it. No farming 2.27-10N for titan parts.

5* Battle items

Rumors in Beta says most of the 5* battle items help with 5* Rare titans. Most normal titans have simple attack all specials skills but Rare titans penalize two colors ( reflect color and weak color ) and usually give have multiple buffs or debuffs.

Except for tier 1 harpoon use ( this system is very complicated ), the Titan parts drop rate does not seem sustainable for normal titans. Creating troops in Hero Academy, more recruits from Advanced House ( More Hero XP ), more Rugged Clothes from Atlantis Rising, seem to be more helpful versus normal titans.

I am hoping 5* battle items, including harpoons, will be included in normal loot drops just like you can get Miracle scrolls before Forge Level 20. As a low level player I would use the 5* battle items in rare quests, challenge events, and class quests, to get guaranteed non farmable items. Similar to me using Dragon Attacks and Bomb Attacks, which I never used before emblems were added to Challenge events and class quests were added to the game.

It usually takes 4- 7 days.

Apple has to approve it so the Devs can turn it on. But the Devs are also monitoring the Android slow roll out for critical bugs. Once Apple has approved it AND the Devs are confident of the Android release, then they turn it on in the Apple App Store. We all cross our fingers that the Apple version does not contain any Apple only critical bugs.


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It’s out for IOS now


Got the update and now my barracks level is in yellow. Does anyone know what that means?

It means that it’s an Advanced Building.


Have you use your war flag?

I’m waiting after using all war flag.

From what we’ve heard from the Staff, that issue is resolved.

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Yes I used my war flags after update

Yes already UPDATED the news 2 minutes ago or so. :+1:

Good to know, so I do not need to wait refill war flag 4 hours long. :sweat_smile:

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Is that harpoon effect a standard attack and defense debuf, which gets overwritten by other normal ones, like axes/bombs/etc. and Wilbur/Athena/Isarnia/Kunchen/Grimm/etc?

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I believe so, but I unfortunately seem to have forgotten to record a video of when I was testing Harpoons along with Wilbur, and I don’t like to confirm things without screenshots or video.

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I just noticed this now lol… RIP Kiril. You were good to me, even leveled up a twin for you.

Lol… I’d say that, but I also know better… these items are gonna be very expensive to craft.

Can you use the items in titan battles only? Or challenge events too?

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Yeah, crafting costs balance it out.

You can use Titan Battle Items outside of Titans (a change from the first version of Beta), but all of them except Giant Harpoons are 5* items, which means they can’t be used in Challenge Events, barring a change in the rules. (And I assume that’s exactly why they made them 5*.)


Ah okay that makes sense to me. And tbh I’m kinda glad, lol. That would make the challenge event scores for legendary pretty ludicrous for a lot of players to climb towards.

All these used for class quests though will be very nice for carpet bombing those tough levels where I’m weak in heroes though :smiley: Once I get there that is


I’m a little skeptical that many players will get to Titan Battle Items ahead of having decent bench depth for Class Trials, but it’ll be interesting to see how that pans out.


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