🧪 The Beta Beat (v22) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: New Buildings, Titan Battle Items & September/October HOTM

Haha, because I haven’t left my alliance I don’t understand people? I understand greed and selfishness and stupidity just fine, and sadly here I am wasting my time talking to one of these type of people, you keep talking to the same folks that share your negative outlook on all things and I’m positive that that’s what you’ll keep finding. I could care less about the update and I’ve mentioned that I don’t think it’s a very good one, but just because you’ve talked to 8 like minded idiots from different alliances doesn’t mean you know anything more then anyone else. After the update life will go on, people that wanted a reason to leave others will continue to find those reasons, who cares, there are still plenty of good folks out there that aren’t incentivized by silly loot and instead prefer the relationships that they build.


Impressive, keep saying stupid clichés that don’t amount to :poop:

Sorry mods, I’ll move on.

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Just a reminder to please keep it civil. There have been some recent posts that are skating close to the line.


You missed the point too Barry. The few players who can make harpoons will be providing free parts to other less motivated players. Yet another situation where the motivated players do the work and don’t get any benefit while the less motivated players do. And I’m not speaking for myself here, I’m speaking as the players I’ve seen out there. I have been playing for a year and a half and can’t keep iron or ham. If you aren’t using it you aren’t playing the game very well.

Last I checked life goes on, people are terrible in game, people are terrible in life, people free load in the game, people free load in life… people hate free loaders in the game, people hate them in life, meanwhile others of us are just trying to do the best we can to enjoy the ride and not get hung up in the stupidity. Nice chat X. Take care.


Please do not use this sources… I still need minor mana from beginig until now, lack of this Large Bone! :hot_face:

Please consider also look at majority of using craft mats…

EDIT: maybe after high level and open Craft level 17 (Super Mana), I will stop using Large Bone. Well thats make sense though.

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Exactly, you ignore the people who care in your attempt to make the game fun for you. Which is why you are the player SG wants to keep and love. Thankfully for SG there are plenty of you out there to take their crap updates and forget about the people it screws over.

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Actually I’m only using super mana pots. I’m short on food for that reason though…

Agree that more motivated players carry less motivated ones in the same alliance. Nothing new there.

And that conflict and the top players in the alliance being held back by others unwilling/unable to pull a similar amount of weight was what drove the end of the alliance I spent my first six months playing in.

Now I’m in a top alliance, and everybody is pulling their own weight with titans. Most of us are paying players, but some spend a lot and others are c2p. (Don’t think we have any free players today)

Whatever. I’m glad the game has room for serious top alliances, thru casual alliances and training alliances.

And for better or for worse, the game structure does punish/discourage mixed alliances, and I don’t know that harpoons will change that much.


Yes that’s why Large Bones will redunant after crafting Super Mana, right? Am I wrong? I’m currently at SH18 (upgrading to 19), Craft is only at Lvl 13, will upgrade after focus on SH.

If a top scoring p2w player in a mixed alliance hasn’t moved up yet, this update is unlikely to be a dominating motivating factor.

It could be argued that it might make them more likely to stay. They’ll be doing more damage now, relative to the majority without Titan Battle Items, so will be even more of a top dog. In addition they’ll be helping the alliance in a way no others can.

Don’t underestimate the desire of people to be the big fish in a small pond.


Barry, what the he!!?! This take is WAY too calm, measured, and reasonable. This is the internet sir, and I will not stand for it! Now how is that other guy supposed to keep arguing?!?!


I’ve been playing over a year but a few months short of that. Many in my alliance are over two years.

Being out of ham is normal and a constant struggle at this point.

Iron not so much. Most of us can’t use it crafting more timestops or tornados because we lack the mats. And we have no building upgrades to spend it on. My iron goes less than full only after I spend emblems…

But when we can upgrade the stronghold past 20 we’ll have something to spend it on for a few months.



This is the Internet.

Why are you even asking???


My understanding of this is that the attack and defense debuff are set as of when the target is hit.

So yes, for the larger attack and defense reductions, you need to hit the Titan while it’s stunned.

And for non-Titan usage, the lower amounts will always apply.

Bonus Follow-Up: devs confirmed that Boss Ursena in Season 2 is not intended to count as a Titan. (though that was said 4 weeks ago when Harpoons worked a little differently, so I’d be curious if the higher amounts apply when she’s stunned, which would presumably be a bug)


Thanks :grin:

Probably won’t try that, I’m planning on completing the hard one within the next 24 hours. If Ursena do not beat me up :laughing:

Again, does anybody have a description of the new items?

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I tested titans as much as I could with the last adjustments before beta closed again, and if I didn’t use a harpoon at all, I didn’t get any parts. So I’m hoping that’s how it will work now in the version update.

Also watching in hopes that the build times are reduced, it seemed an almost universal complaint for most (not all) .

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3 questions about harpoons…

  1. How many can you take with you

  2. Is an attack missable? So should I wait till wu or ranvir is done?

  3. Do you get more damage if an ally coordinates his harpoons within an hour? Or within … minutes?


you can take 5, as far as I know it’s like a bomb or axe and I didn’t see any misses…and I was using Ranvir. I’m not sure about more damage using at the same time as someone else, doesn’t seem it would, like any other battle item. Maybe testers who had more time to try that would know for sure.

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