🧪 The Beta Beat (v22.1) – August, September & October HOTM, Bug Fixes

She’s an orc, she’s green, but I think Bruno and I already have a Brazilian celebrity to nickname her!

Meet Gracy (read GrAh-cie), who could well be Eggnog with the right amount of green body paint:


I’m not in Beta, but I know that SG sometimes accepts applications. I intend to apply myself, but don’t have high hopes.

@zephyr1 Isn’t there also an active players lounge? I’ve heard it mentioned a few times but wasn’t too sure what it was? Basically just an invite only forum?


Yes there is a active players lounge and yes invite only. You have to be really chatty to get invite.

I will never get an invite. I am only writing if I find it important enough or can help in some way like now.

I think there are enough people that tried to get in beta. Me too. But no invite. But as far as I know the last time people got an invite even ~1 year later.


Zephyr can you tell me please where to look? I’m a Always asking others and no one seems to know in the game. Thank you!

Where do I watch for this? I can’t seem to find out where to apply either. Thanks again.

Yes, they post it in #news-announcements.

Here’s the one from last time: Empires & Puzzles Beta Program is Accepting New Testers (February 2019) [CLOSED]

And here are instructions on how to turn on notifications for new posts: [Subscribe] Subscribing to the #news-announcements section - update with Beta applications


Yeah, I want to be in both but know it most likely won’t happen. We’ll see.

Beta Update

Miki has received a third rebalancing update in Beta, details here:

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I can’t help but laugh at this.

“Yeah Ranvir, he is immune to poison therefore poison mist, gotta give those players that”

“Oh but those atlantean heroes you have? Yeah they’re gonna keep drowning under water”


They are probably like porpoises and whales, air breathing.


Uhm, it is her, and people were already calling her “Nads” … which seems like a good reason for a new name :rofl:


I didn’t realize it was a her, oops!

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I already update my EP to 22.1.1 on my iOS, is there any info about this update? only minor fix or any buff/nerf heroes info please? Latest news from forum and the web is 22.1 not 22.1.1.


Thank you

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Yeah, I was thinking through this. If they don’t take damage during underwater stages, I guess they would take damage during every non-underwater stage!

Still doesn’t make sense that Poseidon, ruler of the seas, takes damage underwater :rofl:


I’m imagining a human walking on the street then suddenly clutching his chest. “GASP! AIR! MY ONE WEAKNESS.”

proceeds to melt into the sidewalk


I think he is more like a beach god who never went to swim :ghost:

Hi zephyr1

Just want to see the attributes of the Oct and Nov HOTMs but don’t see it in your threads… could you please assist. Thanks

On another note, i see in some alliances that players have been inactive for more than 600 days… would it be possible to deactivate these players and make room for real players? Thanks

Their info and stats are in the threads about them:

I don’t think Small Giant ever typically removes inactive players from alliances, but depending on their roles in the alliance, Elders, Co-Leaders, or the Leader can remove them.

Thank you as always. Didn’t realise I needed to expand the arrow… seeing ‘useless’ :smirk::yum:

For the inactive players I think it would help if any player inactive for more than two years - and who has not injected any $ in the game be kicked out… will create space in your database hey? Thanks again.

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