🧪 The Beta Beat (v21) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta (an experiment)

the ones I saw were completely new, but I have only done a few runs so far.

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I included that in the top post notes, but I’m sure some people won’t bother reading it…


I read that…….I guess I am hoping for a happy medium somewhere in the middle? Still a nice feature.


I’m expecting the drop rate to be pretty low, but I’m excited that there will be a new source for Atlantis Coins at all.


A hotly contested point in beta, lol.

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Lil’ cute

Both Gryphonkit, my wife, and another Beta tester want an avatar mission for these cute lil’ enemies.


Regardless of spawn rate, the following stages are known to have good Monster to world energy ratios ( since all stages have the same waves, normal difficulty is better monsters per energy ):

Stage Monster Recruit Player XP Monster to Recruit ratio
2.3-2N 2.52 1.65 268 0.6547
2.7-1N 2.70 1.17 298 0.4333
2.13-1N 2.78 1.85 294 0.6654
2.15-9N * 1.83 2.85 312 1.557

*= Best Monster to Recruits ratio. Not really a helpful number by itself, but helpful for comparing stages with similar number of monster.

Per this awesome document
( Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide )


Totally agree… we have a mix in our alliance, and I know that those who don’t spend…whether it is by choice or necessity…get discouraged at the slow progress sometimes, so anything that helps is welcome.

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This is my favorite 20 characters in the whole post!


It’s not all P2W. It’s just, as is common, the devs have us guessing whether it’s:

  1. A sort of completion reward for clearing it all (i.e. now you can play it at a discount)


  1. A way to make it more accessible to intermediate players

I’m fine with either, I’m C2P and not done yet, just think option 1 is more consistent with how loot is given than option 2. When have we ever been given something free LOL


I love the idea of being able to get extra Atlantis coins.

I really, really, really hope that the dev’s will further adjust the odds towards less of season 1 heros and more likelyhood of season 2 heros with that update

Thank you! This thread is a great idea.

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If you have finished the season 2 map would you still have chance to meet the rare mobs? From the Atlantis rises event.

In the first version that we saw in Beta (which has already been removed again from Beta), you didn’t need to have finished all of Atlantis to find the rare enemies during Atlantis Rises.


But isnt the Atlantis rises event when you have finished the Season 2 map?

No. It appeared to be intended to be a monthly event, coinciding with the Summoning Portal being open.

From the top post:


Answer unclear, ask again later ( linky, linky)

Apparently no.

Unlocking 30 Atlantis stages the fourth Thursday of the month gave players an infusion of Atlantis coins to tempt them into an Atlantis summons ( this is a business). Though some players hoarded their coin.

Atlantis Rising appears to be a way to give players an infusion of coin and tempt players. According to the AMA at least until all of Season 3 is created and released.


The artwork for the Lil’ cute enemy shows this has been in the works for a long time, perhaps since locked Atlantis provinces was invented.

Contrast this with Finley, the new pirate hero, was an accidental leak with no artwork.


Dev Tim:
“In the meantime, Atlantis summons will continue, and we might add some new heroes to it (other than the usual HotM).

Once Season 3 starts we might do something else, but we won’t devalue Atlantis coins but we might do some shuffling around.” ( linky, linky)


here is a photo of the upcoming hero with the current stats (according to the given data by @zephyr1)
i know that the stats will change many times and will try to keep it updated as much as possible, usually the numbers and skill doesnt change with big difference so you can estimate how the hero will be
please always check at the top for the updated number
and always remember this:


4 posts were merged into an existing topic: :test_tube: Is There Early Information on Muggy, a new Season 2 3* Rare Hero?

@zephyr1 => You’re a rock star!!! Thank you so much for putting this together. Was tired of always searching a bunch of threads, chats and Russian sites to find breadcrumbs information on Beta developments. To have this laid out in one place is amazing. Again, thanks again - you’re amazing.



I’ll be keeping my gems and darts for next month. Ranvir will become a must for titans for anyone that doesn’t have Tarlak like me. Fighting 10*+ titans Wu Kong is fragile even with Emblems. It will give me the opportunity to move my emblems to Wilbur or Joon as well. Hope I get him !!!

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