🧪 The Beta Beat (v21) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta (an experiment)

Thank you! This thread is a great idea.

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If you have finished the season 2 map would you still have chance to meet the rare mobs? From the Atlantis rises event.

In the first version that we saw in Beta (which has already been removed again from Beta), you didn’t need to have finished all of Atlantis to find the rare enemies during Atlantis Rises.


But isnt the Atlantis rises event when you have finished the Season 2 map?

No. It appeared to be intended to be a monthly event, coinciding with the Summoning Portal being open.

From the top post:


Answer unclear, ask again later ( linky, linky)

Apparently no.

Unlocking 30 Atlantis stages the fourth Thursday of the month gave players an infusion of Atlantis coins to tempt them into an Atlantis summons ( this is a business). Though some players hoarded their coin.

Atlantis Rising appears to be a way to give players an infusion of coin and tempt players. According to the AMA at least until all of Season 3 is created and released.


The artwork for the Lil’ cute enemy shows this has been in the works for a long time, perhaps since locked Atlantis provinces was invented.

Contrast this with Finley, the new pirate hero, was an accidental leak with no artwork.


Dev Tim:
“In the meantime, Atlantis summons will continue, and we might add some new heroes to it (other than the usual HotM).

Once Season 3 starts we might do something else, but we won’t devalue Atlantis coins but we might do some shuffling around.” ( linky, linky)


here is a photo of the upcoming hero with the current stats (according to the given data by @zephyr1)
i know that the stats will change many times and will try to keep it updated as much as possible, usually the numbers and skill doesnt change with big difference so you can estimate how the hero will be
please always check at the top for the updated number
and always remember this:


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@zephyr1 => You’re a rock star!!! Thank you so much for putting this together. Was tired of always searching a bunch of threads, chats and Russian sites to find breadcrumbs information on Beta developments. To have this laid out in one place is amazing. Again, thanks again - you’re amazing.



I’ll be keeping my gems and darts for next month. Ranvir will become a must for titans for anyone that doesn’t have Tarlak like me. Fighting 10*+ titans Wu Kong is fragile even with Emblems. It will give me the opportunity to move my emblems to Wilbur or Joon as well. Hope I get him !!!

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Zeph, as a few others have suggested, can we get this pinned to the top? It’s honestly what a lot of us come on here to find, and it would be nice not to have to hunt for it.

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Sure, I guess we’ve hit a threshold where it seems like people are finding it useful.


Definitely! I love this idea. And I have been seeing some nice feedback (not only in this thread) that will hopefully reach beta forums as well and could be useful, so I can only see benefits in continuing with this.

Thanks again for this!


I’m excited for Muggy. He looks like such a silly 3 star hero; the very definition of a fast glass cannon. Hits hard, but gets destroyed just as hard. If unchanged he’s going to make the difference for those Avalon scores (too bad he’s released right after Avalon)

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@zephyr1, thank you for making this thread! Like many others, I am often at least curious about what’s going on in beta, even if it’s not going to inform my gameplay decisions.

I also appreciate you doing this work and taking time, and hope it will reduce the number of superfluous threads asking a lot of the questions you address.

One criticism: I find the wording, “click for mostly useless information” to be a little flippant. I realize your intent is probably to prevent people from getting too attached to specific statistics and whatnot and then make comments about how it was ‘nerfed from the beta version.’ But a lot of the information is very far from worthless and I don’t think you should undersell it.

For example, having any information about the June and July HOTM’s helps me make decisions about how / when I want to summon during the Sand Event. For me it’ll definitely be July, as a purple sniper would be very valuable to me. Even if the numbers change, the build and concept isn’t going to - that hero would be very welcome on my bench.

I can easily envision other scenarios where people are assisted in other ways - say you’re holding your scopes and want to know if it’s worth waiting until your shot at the August HOTM. Now you have some idea - do those game mechanics sounds interesting or contrived and difficult to employ?

Anyway, the bottom line is this is a great addition and I commend your efforts.


also I’m wondering if the fact that more heroes are being added for Atlantis, means that we’ll get more for the other families in the future. That’d be pretty neat!

The builds and concepts do change sometimes, though — it’s not unheard of for very substantial changes to be made to special skills.

I think it’s useful for general planning purposes, which is why I’m sharing the information, but I really would encourage caution about assuming any piece of what’s in Beta will make it to the live game.

I’m pretty sure no additional hype is needed, people hype Beta content themselves just fine. :wink:

It is flippant, but it’s meant to balance out the tendency to over-assign importance to Beta information — not just for “they nerfed it” reactions, but also as a caution against planning your roster based on future heroes.

Two of the last four HOTM (Kunchen and Anzogh) were released with remarkably different stats than they were last seen in Beta — and for Anzogh, that radically changed everything about him.

Another example: the Christmas Heroes in Beta had replicating Minions like Seshat currently does. Theirs never made it to the live game — Seshat’s might change or be eliminated too.

Ursena’s stats changed twice within a week.

This is the nature of Beta content — I wouldn’t presume that any particular aspect will remain unchanged.

So my recommendation when planning around it is to use it only to decide when to wait to see what comes to the live game.

If a hero looks interesting to you, you might save up tokens and/or gems for their release. Just don’t be disappointed if they turn out to be something different than you expected, and you’re no longer interested. :slight_smile:


We haven’t seen new Season 2 families at all, but there was an accidental release to Beta of a Pirate Family for existing heroes from the Pirates event, plus a new Pirate hero in development.

Those aren’t ready for testing, were not intentionally added to Beta, and have since been removed. So no firm insights there yet.

But it’s safe to say that the developers are at least toying with the idea of adding more Families to the game.


Yay! A new 3*! I’m actually genuinely excited about Muggy. Also, I’m really glad Ursena will be available (can we get the Dark Lord now too???)

Thanks, @zephyr1 for getting everything in one place. I often wonder how beta information gets around and gets so convuluted. Now I have one place to get all my answers.


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