The best web online

the best website with all the info and translatable into any language

images in different languages ​​by default the page is in Spanish and at the bottom you can automatically translate it to the language you like the most

Nice web Rata. The web is deep and very informative. You can compare and even calculate emblems(quantity and final stats).
It has a filter too. Very useful indeed. :+1:

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thanks men there a lot of work.
entirely with material compiled from the game by me.

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A mi personalmente me encanta esta útil herramienta y siempre la uso para ver fichas de héroes y acceder a ellas de la manera más rápida y eficaz, además que puedo ver las mejoras en las estadísticas de los héroes con la red de talentos antes de, y así elegir el mejor camino. Gracias Ratabboypda

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Translation is terrible. I would not recommend that to new players.
Very good job though.


the translation is by google

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Yeah, I know. It is terrible.

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According to the progress of the page and others in the future we could implement personal translations the problem is that already in case the names of the heroes change according to the language and it is very difficult to make a correct translation you should program the entire page again with each language having an available person who speaks Spanish and the other language and a lot of difficulties with the languages ​​which the alphabet is not Latin but it is not something that I would not be happy to do in the future if you find the right help obviously this will depend on the help and the future success of the website and the support of the people

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