The Best Titan Team


What would be the ultimate Titan team?

Just curious only been playing about 3weeks looking for info

Thanks in advance :grinning:


The answer is subjective, depending on:

  • Titans / offensive

  • Raids / offensive or defensive

  • Events / mixed

  • 5*, 4*, 3* group?

  • Rainbow?

What is your playstyle? Do you run doubles? Who/which group do you fight the most?

When players respond with “these five heroes are the ‘best’”, there will be an element of subjectiveness to it, since so many heroes are close to each other in power or type.


In general you don’t want to focus on heroes who do damage on 5 enemies. In my experience heroes who increase team damage and reduce the titan’s defence are your best bets.
By far most damage will come from tile damage, so you want to pick heroes with the best attack possible.
I am not certain whether riposte is good or not. Probably the stronger the titan, the stronger riposte becomes.
Taking a healer depends on your survivability. You could also go for a hero that does + defence or - titan attack strength and heal with potions. However Sabrina and Melendor both have great attackpower.
Rigard is good when the titan does debuffs like blind or -attack strength. He however has low attack damage.
Last tip: when you have the team and the troops consider using 2 heroes that are effective against the titan and leave the one that the titan is resistant against at home.

Thing to discuss: Wu Kong combined with Riposte, Ramming pulverized and War Cry could be massive, however the blind will hinder the build up of the other specials. So is Gambler stance good or bad?


Shoot your ramming pulverizer special before you click Wu’s gambling special. Then go to town on the board.