The best tank you think of 3 * - 4 * heroes, which stands in the center


I am using a Boldtusk +13 as my tank in Diamond. I have fought both emblemed Kashhrek and emblemed Boril, though very rarely - neither seems prevalent at this level. I find both pretty easy and was extremely happy to see them. Oddly, I have not yet fought an emblemed Boldtusk tank (though have run into him in other positions), so I can’t actually speak about the strategy that I am (in part) relying on.

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In general I’d say Kashhrek or Cyprian. I use Cyprian, because Kash has to protect him and Kiril. Last 3 standing…

For 3* I went well with Nashgar. Dunno why everyone favors Bane, he always was and is an easy target for me.

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I’ve seen a fair number of BT’s in diamond and I’m always happy about that - but I’m loaded w 5* blues.

So what about raid tournmanents that are limited to 4*s? Who stands up best in which rule sets? (Ignoring colour restrictions I suppose)

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I see Boldtusk with emblems fairly often in diamond, though rarely as a tank.

As much as I love BT, I don’t particularly care for healer tanks. The attacker can recover from a bad board much more easily against a healer tank like BT or Kashhrek, whereas Colen will make them pay dearly.

When I was a newer player, for months and months, Li Xiu was the most irksome enemy in the entire game. She was annoyingly tough, and just when I got a hero’s mana charged and ready to take her out, she cut their mana and survived another turn.

Has anyone tried her out with emblems, or faced one in a raid?

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I agree with Cyprian, Li Xiu and would add Kasshrek as he really tough to take down after his special has gone off. However, I do agree that BT and Kiril aren’t very good tanks.

Never faced him in tank position so far in upper Platinum and Diamond, but a Proteus with defense/life boost might also be pretty nasty in Gold or even lower Platinum.

As for the 3* heroes, I think Melia and Gill Ra are really good centre heroes. Jahangir is probably the most problematic opponent if he can fire, but as he is slow and pretty squishy, he is usually defeated before. Gunnar is hard to fight against for players lacking debuffers or too inexperienced to know how to rebuff (that was my problem the first few times I came across Gunnar or Kailani :smile:)