The best tank you think of 3 * - 4 * heroes, which stands in the center

let’s share our opinion, which you think is better in the center of heroes 3 * and heroes 4 *!

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3*, not really sure. I have had good luck with Bane and Tyrum in that location; I think Gunnar might work too but I’ve never really tried it.

For 4*, it is without question Boril. He has the highest defense rating of any hero I have or have seen and can go toe to toe with just about anyone. He’s the only hero I have that, once fully leveled, has never been one shotted, even by Joon/Lianna+Wu Kong.

Second would be Boldtusk. High defense and can certainly take a hit like a champ but def not as tough as Boril.


thanks for saying!..:slight_smile:

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I’d have to disagree with the Boril tank. Li and Kashrek make much better centers in the four star range in my opinion, there are more factors than just looking at the defense stat.


BT plays higher than any of those. What I mean by that is that once you get up in cups, boril and Li and Kassrek are basically byes, whereas BT’s buff is not. I ran 4x80 and BT tank quite successfully up to 2300 cups.


Interesting :slight_smile: It’s been awhile since I’ve actively set 4* defense teams and really paid attention to placement and such. Way back when everyone had a Boldtusk center until we generally accepted Li to be the better tank, I could be 1-10 placement and drop 300ish cups with either one though at that time

For me, with my alt, Li’s damage is tiny and her mana drain can be worked around, whereas BT’s +48% attack buff plus minor heal is a killer. It was like that with my main account coming up too.


When this came up before, someone said Li got nerfed big time at one point. I’ve used her since I started until recently, she was good mid-game but never gonna be a stayer. Boldtusk though, I doubt I’ll ever stop using.

Yes she was nerfed twice. Once her Mana reduction, I think was dropped like 5-10% and the second her attack portion was dropped 5%. This was close to a year ago.


BT center got me to 2500 trophies a long time ago. So I’m on board with saying he’s the best 4* center followed by Kiril and Kashrek.


BT and Li was the ones I had the hardest time dealing with as tanks when battling 4* teams and Kashrek could be very annoying too.

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Karshrek is the best tank for 4 :star: to me due the fact that it can survive better vs double strong color than other heroes and that the second contenders (Boldtusk and Kiril) can be “countered” by a doubling a strong color with Sonya or Caedmon.

My personal ranking

4 :star: healer/tank

  1. Karshrek
  2. Kiril
  3. Boldtusk

4 :star: pure tank

  1. Boril
  2. Liu Xiu
  3. Cyprian

3* - Gunnar, Bane
4* - Gormek, Cyprian


Disagree on Cyprian. Not enough heft behind his special, which can easily be unwound by debuffer (Sonya, Caedmon, Sabina and Melendor). Boril is annoying—much tankier. Ran into the buzzsaw of a defense with Ares center, then on left Boril with Alberich in the corner.


I prefer Cyprian over Boril because he don’t have “natural enemies” like Mel or Caed that both dispel and have the strong color.
For Cyprian you have to go out of your way to bring a debuffer, but you can get a team that double the weak color of him/her.

Definetely don’t have problems against Boril, but sometimes i have with Cyprian.


Kashrek is the best 4 star tank bar none.

For 3 stars, I’d probably have to go with one of the spirit linkers, though there really is no good 3 star tank.


Now that talent class is coming, can we revive the discussion for 4* tank?

Lets divide it by color:

Red Tank: Boldtusk/Colen - Fighter (30% chance to revive with 1 HP after fatal attack)

Green Tank: Kashhrek - Wizzard (25% chance to deal +15% extra damage per each active buff the enemies have)

Blue Tank: Boril - Cleric (35% chance to resist any negative mana effects or effects that prevent the use of special skills)

Yellow Tank: Li Xiu - Monk (30% chance to resist status aliments)

Purple Tank: Cyprian - Paladin (15% chance to get +25% defense for 2 turns after receiving any damage)

I used to think that Kashhrek is the best 4* tank, but the incoming update didn’t put him in a class that have useful talent for a tank. What do you guys think?


Does the Resist talent of the Clerics include resistance to debuffs meaning Boril’s riposte stays active?

No, Clerics could just prevent harmful mana effects.

What’s the thinking on this now that we’re seeing 4*s max out emblems? Who’s the best tank fully buffed up?

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