The Best Tank for my team (title edit)

Good night people
Which tank should I use on my team?

Onatel nvl 6 - 851 1509
Ares nvl 5 - 777 1442
Elkanem nvl 6 820 1266

I really like Onatel, personally. I wish I had gotten her. She is more durable than Ares, but I think he punishes a bad board more. I have to vote Ares.


Marjana - solo tank

Ares - flanked by 2 snipers

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Main team holds 2500 trophies, was thinking about turbine Isarnia, remove from Onatel and upar Isarnia nvl6, what do you think?

Any suggestions for my defense team?

Ares seems to work fine on flank

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I would not put a 4* in defense if you are looking to hold in diamond.

Looking at your roster, you are very red heavy.
Probably the below:

Marjana - Isarnia - Ares - Elk - Azlar or

Isarnia - Elk - Ares - Leo - Azlar

I wont reset Onatel just yet. Only reset Onatel if you use Isarnia more on offense. If not, keep the emblems with Onatel.


In fact Isarnia was nvl6 in defense and attacks, I retired to put onatel tanky by the statistics of defense and health, but it did not impress me.

I am seeing many Ares flanky, so I was in doubt if I continued Ares or not

Ares makes it painful for the attacker if they cant kill him early. The middle 3 will suddenly become immortal if they can dispel or kill him early.

So in order to make it more painful, make full use of his buffs and flank him with 2 strong snipers.

Your only issue is that your best sniper is also red.

Another one you can add would be Richard and not use Isarnia.

I can’t resist the Isarnia - Azlar combo.

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Can I take Domitia nvl6, unfortunately single purple 5 *

Still works but wasted not using Marjana.

Sometimes defense does not necessarily need to be rainbow.

Many times I have used 2-3 colors only. Only thing that sucks would be mono color defense.


Aren’t you worried about elemental defense down? Ares tank and Marjana on the wing. I’d definitely bring Frida. I’m not set on a rainbow defense, but I’d want the duplicate color to be one on wing, one on opposite flank… or just opposite wings. Out of range of hit 3 attacks.

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Nope. Not worried at all.

Never worried if my opponent has a good board. My only concern is to make sure they don’t recover from a bad one.

Any defense will be broken. Even the best defenses will keep you around 2600 trophies anyway.

Right. “Every defense is bad, some are just less bad than others.”


Isarnia - Onatel - Ares - Leonidas - Elkanen

I would use them. Isarnia into the corner isn’t her best position for sure but your faster mana controllers should buy her some time and Ares’ heal over time when paired with Onatel’s 4% heal per turn to holy allies could be noisy for the attackers.


Depends on the heroes, I run two 4stars (heavy emblemed) on d and stay in diamond over night, although not a classic d :slightly_smiling_face:


Mana troop for Leônidas or Onatel?

Mana for Leonidas: it would greatly increase both damage and healing received and Onatel have more tanky stats anyway, so both of them would have more benefits.

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Ok, Ares troop mana nvl12 or troop critical nvl10?

I would give him the crit troop until the mana wouldn’t be a bit higher (lv 20 or more)

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Domitia is now stronger, in the place of Isarnia, what do you think?

Domitia is good enough to fill that role but I don’t fear her as much as Isarnia.


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