The Best strategy


for those who are more experienced; what is the best strategy for the war and why many alliances deploy tanks of the same color?


From the post above:

Tank Color Coordination
Many top alliances choose to coordinate the color of their tanks. The reasoning for shared tank color is to counter a common raid/war offensive strategy of doubling up attackers of the strong color against an opposing tank (e.g. bringing 2 blue heroes to fight Ares, 2 purple heroes to fight Guinevere, etc.) Should opponents attempt to double these colors, they will quickly run out of them in the first few rounds. This leaves the second round with no heroes of the strong color and the tanks will be more difficult to beat.


They deploy tank of the same color to make attackers struggle after they use all of the tank’s opposite color. The tank is the first hero you should focus on remove from the board and the best strategy could be doubling a color strong against him.

The common rule is to not bite more than you can chew, performing a 1attack 1kill strategy when possible with a subsequent attack from a weaker mate if there are still heroes alive.
Resetting defenses (by having them all defeated from the board) open new chances for new attackers and it’ll be one of your primary goal.