The best kept secret is... WIDOWMAKERS©Elite

Are you a long time active player that has outgrown your current alliance…
Were you instantly addicted to this crazy game with an intense passion to win and go the extra mile…
Are you at least at level 25/have 2000 trophies…
Are you grown with a twisted sense of humor and enjoy playful banter… Then read on.

I am the leader of an awesome alliance named “W1dowM4ker Elite”. A group that has grown and solidified ourselves as an alliance on the rise to dethrone “7 Days” (we can dream ■■■■ it) LOL! (This is were you come in).
Our mission is to improve our standings. We currently defeat 7 Star Titans, a loss in alliance wars is by a very small margin. And I believe you will be the person that we need to take us to the next level.

We have 25 members and are looking for 5 more… But not just body fillers. You must be an active player that attacks titans and LOVES/HATES the emotional roller coaster of alliance wars.

Our rules are simple. Play hard, play with passion, and play all the time. 7 days MIA … you get the STEEL TOE BOOT. If you miss 3 Titan attacks + 3 alliance wars…you get the STEEL TOE BOOT.

Come check us out. We are by invite only… Just mention MM Forum in your message.

You sound like a greaT bunch but for now i need to still take care if my own… Valhalla!.. my nane is infiniteDow…
but maybe we will neet in the future

By the way if I leave all my chests will be lost?

Yes, you would lose your chest. But thanks for checking us out… We will be here!

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