The Best Heroes in Empires and Puzzles 2020, New Hero Grades are LIVE!

@BraveGirl; asking me is kinda pointless as I didn’t come up with the grades.

The OP here (@Anchor) and his team came up with the grades.

Remember it is all subjective and based on personal opinion. Just because they think one thing doesn’t make it gospel and universally true. Other players have differing opinions (like yourself as it seems) which are just as valid given that everyone has a different roster, playstyles etc…

I merged your question here as this is the best place you’ll get an answer to your question. Nobody is able to give you a concrete reply unless they came up with the grades… Only the creator of the grades can give a difinitive answer as to “why {xyz} hero has {abc} grade?”. Everyone else can only guess.


Seems there haven’t been any updates for S4 heroes or the latest HoTM; it the project on hiatus or we just need to wait some more? :slight_smile:

@Anchor will there be a new update shortly? Hope the threes are done soon to help out new players. Thanks for the fantastic assistance this gives, and to your team.

@Aquaginera_7DD is the grade still being maintained?

@yelnats_24 7DD has no affiliation with the grades any longer. All of the grades are on my website at and my team and I are constantly making adjustments. You can also go to my YouTube channel and literally search for any hero and you’ll find a hero breakdown on all heroes. So I explain how to use the hero and which parts of the game it is useful for.


And antivirus shows that your site is infecting with trojan Script:SNH-gen [Trj]

According to this, it’s a false alarm - the script is a benevolent one.

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Just a little correction Sartana Costume should be Fighter and Sartana should be Wizard.

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