The Best Heroes in Empires and Puzzles 2020, New Hero Grades are LIVE!

Suddenly , following latest breakdowns that anchor made, i have now two A- / A heroes in Vivica and Bai Yeong.
Lets wait to see what grades anchor gives to roc and sif :thinking:

my bai is 3.10 I wonder about him… I don’t have joon and my darts already wasted on justice and norms,(completed waste of a hero with telly world) and invested in vivica but I am not sure if it is smart a minus

odin and thor is coming

Im leveling him. I have read many positive reviews, including last anchor breakdown who gave him A- overall. I know his special doesnt hit hard as Joon(wich i already have anyways) but with some emblems(not too many) Bai attack can go to 800ish.

Bai main strengh seems to be his blinding so useful to shut down or partially those AOE hitters. I said partially because it depends on the randomness of -75% , accuracy, which is very high so personally he is worth the darts .

That is a Bai with only 10 nodes. They are still close to 700 emblems but i think the hero itself is worth of them.

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Guys Buddy skills is aliment kind not buff, how that effect on buff tornoment that much he get A+ and Reuben has buff for all and he is fast why not deserve more than B? Does not his skill consider as a buff?
Thanks in advance

Hi; I merged your thread to the OP by @Anchor who creates those grades.

Hopefully he sees and can give some response to your question.

Where exactly mentioned about why buddy got that grade on buff booster when not have any buff Mr? Always closed my post so fast at least before address me to related post. I already had table and gardening and my question is why not what is grade?

My guess would be that because Buddy is already a great tank AND debuffs both attack and defence, thus preventing two very common buffs, that he gets an A.

It’s more about stopping the enemy using the buff bonus in this case.

I have her and think A+ is justified, as well.

Hi there is not any answers it makes question more for example Magni costume buff tour is A + but simple Magni is A first does not have any buff second do have.
Where is my mistake? If there is not answer I open forum to ask all because I need to choose which hero need to keep which not and clean my rooster and need answers. Thanks

Or why Sonya is A and Cademon is A + or why Elena is A on rush tour? Or more strange questions why 4* ninja are B on rush tour? :expressionless: they get third mana fast and clean stage.
Where can find answer of these?

It’s addressed in this thread now

To address your specific questions

From what I can see Magni is A+ for buff whereas Costume Magni is only A

Second question

I’m not seeing the same thing you are.


I’m not a grader, but my guess is its due to turning her slow special into very fast. Noor is the only Legendary Fire hero who did not get an A or better for rush grade


I don’t see the ninja heroes in here (Epic Blues in pic below).

The Ninja’s are actually slightly worse in rush tournaments.


This is the question I am always asking. Search is probably the best answer, but that can get tricky. Otherwise, you’re good at asking questions and this forum has plenty of people happy to answer.

As a side note, I’m guessing you’re looking at a different set of grading than the ones listed by Anchor. It would be helpful to share that so we can be on the same page. Unsurprisingly there are multiple opinions so different graders might rank things differently. I could throw out theories as to why they are rated that way or how I’d rate them, but we’d need the graders themselves to respond about why in these specific cases.

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Because Riposte is ugly to fight in Rush. It lasts 4 turns…when those turns are over Elena will be charged again. It is like fighting unlimited riposte on rush.


Realize that the grades are just made by players. Disagree with them? That’s fine. You may have a different play style or preference. And they rarely get revised, so they don’t take into account newer, more powerful heroes.

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Well I think what I downloaded was something else with same name . This is my database on phone that I said based on

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I think it is good I mean should not be A + and A is low?

May I ask for ur resource of grading because I check site of advanced table in this post and that was like what I had. What was ur screenshot sources? And does not separate hero by tour defence and offense? I think Ninja are monster on rush offense,are not they? I mean 4 stars Ninja like Alertine or blue one

Interesting I was using this web interface, which is different from if you click advanced table. Thank you for clarifying.

As for Ninja Heroes in very fast wars/tourneys:
In this buff booster tournament I’m using Ametrine. I like her special, I can charge it up to be more deadly, and I can dispel buffs. In a very fast tourny, I would not use her probably at all.
In one charge she’ll do 220% to target and dispel buffs. Instead I could use C-Tiburtus to do 175% damage to all heroes and give -34% defense down.

Generally, slow heroes tend to have better specials to make up for the time it takes them to charge. So when all heroes have the same charging time, it makes the slow heroes more valuable. That’s why even someone like Gravemaker, who has been a top hero for years) is less valuable in rush format.

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Sorry but on first page there is not tour grade and when I touch advanced table bring that one I have. I afraid if say do u have any social network or IG account to do favor and answer some question on chat? Sorry I ask u were always nice with me and here will be repetitive comments and make other bothered. Here is my Instagram if elnegin24 . Thanks

It looks like the grades for Azlar and Azlar costume have been transposed on Anchor’s site. Either that, or their categories (Barbarian/Paladin) are transposed.

The grades are just someones opinion. It is not written law. A or A+ … it does not really matter. Just keep in mind ‘very good’.

Sometimes your English is really hard to understand.

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