The Best Heroes in Empires and Puzzles 2020, New Hero Grades are LIVE!

Unfortunately I don’t have a switch and my Wii U recently broke. Go figure why I’m playing E&P so much hahah. Appreciate the thought though, hope you find more people to play with here!

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Thanks for this amazing resource!!
I hav one question: Proteus stats against titan are overall worst or equal than Hel, however Proteus gets an A where Hel gets a B. Is it because Proteus is a 4*? But then, until which level are they graded together with 5*?

Thanks, this is excellent!

Thank you for all the effort you make for this game, 7DD.

Considering the grades I wonder which team suits me the best in defence.

This one ise that I am currently using. Yes I was once a global leader :slight_smile:

This one has one more A+ in the team. I have the materials to level up seshat and Alice but I can not be sure.

I am waiting for your valuable opinions.

Don’t know if this is the right thread to ask, but …

Why does Richard get an A for Offense-War, but Richard-C get a B?

Richard-C has better stats for attack, defense, health, and special so I would have thought it the other way around.

Is it the change from Paladin to Barbarian, or are the vanilla versions of the heroes graded assuming a fully leveled costume (even then, is Richard-N is a full grade better than Richard-C)?

Thanks for the grades! They’re a fantastic help to me.

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You’ve got massive work to do with all the new costumes, nerves and buffs and 6 new Valhalla heroes…

I already see figures of some costumes.

I still see no upgrade on especially Margaret. Direct damage still D, so not changed yet. I’m curious what will become of her. I espect her to go to a much higher A or at least B.

Can you give estimation when these heroes will be recalculated?

I also think Tell might loose 1 A+…

Thorne up to a B…

Finally getting the love he deserves.

This time next year he will be A+, just you all wait!


The balancing grades were done in live stream last weekend so he’s catching up.

It was a good game. I really like this game.

Interesting how there’s + and - now, which makes it a whole lot better I think

(Still not sure why Alice is A+ though)



Really appreciate all the work everyone does on this table, @Anchor would really like the threes upgraded soon when you and your team find time, it’s a very helpful tool for new players before they start to work out gameplay for themselves.

Newer player, here, this was really helpful! Are Kvasir and Grevle going to be graded, at some point?

Both would be A in most categories. Mine see tournaments and Tavern of Legends, so you’ll get miles on them.


Nice. I’m pretty happy with both, I’m trying to figure out the best place to put them on my team.

Extending my offer to Anchor :stuck_out_tongue:


FrenziedEye, have you got Alice? Well, i have and find the A+ justified. She hits hard, she is sturdy…she rocks!

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I don’t have an issue with her being an A, it’s the + part.

A+ should be used sparingly.

Is she really the best in the sniper or other (?) class?

FrenziedEye, definitely as good as Lianna. I got both and i prefer using her over Lianna or just as much as CLianna. I guess it’s a thing of personal preference which is hard to objectify.

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Chefs, i doubt that, but he is good, very good. Don’t like the artwork though. Lol.

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Fantastic work!! But It is going on October and your said 3 stars will be ready soon in January (it was 2020 wasn’t it?). Desperate to see it finished! Please ask for help!! Thank you so much for this INVALUABLE reference work. TREMENDOUS!

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