The Best Heroes in Each Class guide

I don’t have much to add as idk how the emblems will affect the hero stats/grades but I want to follow this post so I can learn :slight_smile:

The best hero in each class wont be the best for everyone though

It’ll be as flawed as grading them


For me it depends on the situation and you roster. For several examples, see:

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Some others have weighed in on this topic:


Updated the main thread with feedback

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So, now that everyone has had the chance to digest emblems in all their glory and we’re all now being forced to level heroes we wouldn’t previously have touched with a barge pole just to allow us to complete the trials, the obvious question remains.

If you had every single hero in the game at your disposal which one would get your emblems for each class?

Here’s mine, I haven’t necessarily picked the BEST in each class as in some cases(Mother North/Alby) there’s a better choice in another class.

Barbarian - Doubt there’ll be much contest here with Gravemaker taking the crown for me but Kageburado would also be a solid second choice.

Cleric - This one’s a bit more difficult with Viv, Mother North and Kunchen all in there. My first choice would be MN. However, looking at the Druid class Alby is the number 1 draw there and only Zim really competes with him for Druid emblems. On the basis that Alby and MN are so similar most wouldn’t spend precious emblems on both of them and the Druid class isn’t quite as loaded with goodies, i’d probably go with Kunchen here.

Druid - As mentioned above, Alby or Zim but for me Alby gets the shiny little medals.

Monk - Going from the Druid category with only 2 real choices to this one shows how lop sided classes are. Joon, Tarlak, Santa, Aeron and Bruce Lee… This is a tough one. There’s also a 4* in contention here with Wilbur’s effectiveness on Titan’s. I’d honestly be torn on this one but think I would go with Wilbur despite him being a 4*. Yes, I know some of the others are better but Wilbur is fairly unique with what he does and no real 5* equivalent.

Paladin - Richard, Arthur, Thorne, Perseus and Aegir make up 5 of the 7 top tier heroes in here making it a another unbalanced class with them all being blue. We all know Thorne, Perseus and Aegir aren’t well regarded so a straight fight between Arthur and Ares for me. I don’t really have much experience of Arthur so will go with Ares

Ranger - Red Riding Hood, Lianna, Athena, Alasie and Evelyn make this another well stocked class. For me it would be Evelyn I could offer a detailed breakdown but it’s sentimental for me as Evelyn is my daughters name :slight_smile:

Fighter - Panther, Missandra, Delilah and Yunan all in here giving a nice spread of colours and variety of hero types. For me Panther would be first choice.

Rogue - A toss up between Inari and Khiona but Inari walks away with the medal in this, that dodge of hers is a real match winner.

Sorceror - Rumpelstiltskin, Thoth and Quintus make this a class full of turkeys, especially when you think of the trio of 4*'s two of those are Skittle and Ameonna. Mitsuko pretty much takes the number 1 spot by default… Let’s face it, this class sucks with the complete lack of choice

Wizard - And we come to the one that is going to cause the most angst. Isarnia, Onatel, Hel, Guinevere, Sartana, Zeline and even outside shouts for 4* Proteus and Merlin… SG really have overloaded this class. We all know Guinevere is pretty much the tank of choice and with tank being arguably the most important role in defence she would be the obvious choice(I have little experience of Hel so don’t quote me on that). Despite that, the class itself is all geared towards damage so I feel they would almost be wasted on Guinevere. So, my ones will go to Zeline

So, there we have my choices. Gravemaker, Kunchen, Alby, Wilbur, Ares, Evelyn, Panther, Inari, Mitsuko and Zeline.

Interestingly, not a single Blue hero in there and some great heroes who miss out simply because they’re in classes overloaded with other top tier candidates(Hel, Guinevere, Tarlak and Kageburado being the glaring omissions)


I’m going to be having to come to a decision soonish between Magni and Panther. Who is going to be my fighter.
If i choose Panther, then does that mean Richard should get my scopes for a rainbow team? I have Ares but Zim got the first set of rings…
Then between Onatel and Zeline…I’m totally gonna go Zel, but of course i pulled Sartana…

I am a bad luck F2P so my roster aint that good but I can try to contrebuite.
Barbarian Gormek Grimm

Cleric Based on @Kamikaze_Assassin 's advice I only choosed Rigard in this class cause of this GIF by Kami

Druid I loved Melendor and Ceadmon.

Monk Wu Kong and Darke

Paladin Non but after the promiss of balancing Aegir I think I may give him shot.

Ranger Lianna and Buddy

Fighter BT one and only

Rogue Scarlet

Sorceror Sabina

Wizard Kashrek and Boril.


Barbarian : Gravemaker
Cleric: Mother North
Druid: Alberich
Fighter: Delilah
Monk: Tarlak
Paladin: Ares
Ranger: Athena
Rogue: Khiona (as standalone hero, Inari for PvP)
Sorcerer: Morgan Le Fay
Wizard: Zeline

Owned: Gravemaker


I would say no tc20 hero, which aint a big surprise SG and @Petri! :smile: Lets add some ‘hotties’ to tc20! :wink:


i think Leonidas is under rated , on the far wing he can one shot many & charges at a decent rate. so far all the Santa’s I have seen as tanks go down fast but thats from my limited set of hero’s

Proteus can be a pita if charged fast & limit enemys charging
Mok arr with another spash hitter & 2 snipers can be very useful & ok as a tank as well

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On Zeline … I’m torn on this.

Her special ability doesn’t compliment her class ability at all. +15% DMG per buff and a special that removes buffs? Great for one shot … but the class applies to normal tile DMG not just specials. This makes Sartana the outside solid choice for me in the category … Guin is yellow and gives herself a lot of buffs that last a few rounds. Sartana will hit her really hard both special and tile wise as a result … and she’s available to everyone.

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I sadly don’t have all those awesome 5* HoTMs but with what I do have I’ll be dispersing my emblems as follows:
Barbarian: Azlar
Cleric: Rigard
Druid: Gadeirus (Horghall- if I can get one more tonic!)
Fighter: Boldtusk
Monk: Wu kong - I use him so much for Titans, gotta make him less squishy, lol
Paladin: Richard
Ranger: Lianna
Rogue: Marjana
Sorcerer: Sabina
Wizard: Kashrek

These could change depending on special event or Atlantis pulls but for now gotta use those emblems where I can!

Good point, I remember reading this a while back but forgot about it completely when picking Zeline as my choice.

Makes this class even harder to decide as the class buff is almost wasted on Zeline because of her special and likewise Guinevere and Onatel as not huge damage dealers

Guess that leaves Sartana and Isarnia?

To me this summarize pretty well Wizard’s synergies:

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With the Wonderland heroes, thoughts on
QoH for paladin
Hatter for cleric

I think that Mother North is more generally a cleric useful than Hatter, particularly if you dont have Alberich. Her slow mana speed makes her vulnerable to these mana-down specials.

Alice as Rogue is very credible. Khiona and Marjana are the leading candidates, but neither is overwhelming.

Paladin is a tough class to call. QoH will certainly benefit from the extra defense, because she acts as a lightning rod for all specials. I tink the jury is still out on her, though.

This is about how I’d order them personally, but there’s definitely wiggle room in some of these categories.

Ranger and Wizard are both the toughest due to several amazing choices. Sorcerer is difficult solely for the fact that none of those heroes are absolutely phenomenal to begin with (though, some are definitely better than others). Fighter and Monk are pretty tough too, just not as bad as Ranger or Wizard (imo). Paladin might become tough in the next month or so, but we’ll have to wait and see to know for sure. Rogue and Cleric can be a little tough, but not terrible. Barbarian and Druid are definitely the easiest [to choose from].

To me, I’ve based these ratings mostly on the overall usability of the heroes themselves, keeping in mind that they’ll get several stat boosts, as well as thinking of the hero with that specific talent. For example, Zeline isn’t a great hero to have Jynx since she dispels the buffs that allow her to hit harder. However, she is still an incredible hero, and one I wouldn’t pass up to talent over Sartana or Isarnia solely for the stat boosts.

Only 5*-


  1. Gravemaker
  2. Kageburado
  3. Azlar
  4. Obakan
  5. Guardian Kong
  6. Mok-Arr
  7. Atomos


  1. Ariel
  2. Mother North
  3. Kunchen
  4. Vivica
  5. The Hatter
  6. Elkanen


  1. Alberich
  2. Zimkitha
  3. Ranvir
  4. Master Lepus
  5. Kadilen
  6. Horghall
  7. Guardian Owl
  8. Boss Wolf


  1. Delilah
  2. Yunan
  3. Guardian Panther
  4. Poseidon
  5. Misandra
  6. Magni
  7. Elena
  8. Sargasso


  1. Tarlak
  2. Drake Fong
  3. Santa
  4. Rana
  5. Aeron
  6. Joon
  7. Leonidas


  1. Aegir
  2. Queen of Hearts
  3. Ares
  4. Frida
  5. King Arthur
  6. Justice
  7. Richard
  8. Perseus
  9. Thorne


  1. Athena
  2. Alasie
  3. Seshat
  4. Lianna
  5. Evelyn
  6. Gregorian
  7. Red Hood
  8. Khagan


  1. Alice
  2. Khiona
  3. Inari
  4. Margaret
  5. Marjana
  6. Musashi
  7. Domitia
  8. Captain Kestrel


  1. Mitsuko
  2. Lady Locke
  3. Morgan Le Fay
  4. Natalya
  5. Thoth-Amun
  6. Rumpelstiltskin
  7. Quintus


  1. Hel
  2. Zeline
  3. Guinevere
  4. Onatel
  5. Isarnia
  6. Sartana
  7. Victor
  8. Anzogh

Edit 1: Considering Thoth’s minion’s ability to proc delay
Edit 2: Considering Natalya’s mana gen debuff does not stack with delay, but Mitsuko’s mana cut does
Edit 3: v20 buffs + new HOTM


Just to make it clear about Zeline, since I see this misconception floating around… She hits first. Then she dispels. So it is not as bad as some claim it to be - only relevant if she goes off twice in a short time, but then she probably won anyway, whether on offense or defense.

Yes, she does hit first and dispel after. Therefore, on her first turn going off, she may get to jynx if there’s buffs in play. However, any hits after that [with jynx] would require the opponent to reapply several buffs in a very short window, before Zeline is charged & goes off again, to really benefit. That, or you’d have to hold off Zeline’s SS so that normal damage might Jynx. & It would require the chance for extra damage to activate before the dispel as well. Definitely not ideal. Whereas, someone like Hel wouldn’t ever have to worry about removing the buffs that make her hit harder; she would just do her thing. So yeah, I wouldn’t use emblems on Zeline for that specific talent; it won’t be as useful on her as it would be on nearly any other wizard. Though, if Zeline is your top/favorite/most versatile wizard, I’d still use emblems on her, but only for the stat boosts, not for the talent itself.

To be fair, Zeline doesn’t need her talent to work 100% of the time to still be amazing, because she’s just that good. However, someone like Hel would be even better for the Jynx job, since she doesn’t remove the buffs that give her a shot at hitting harder. Therefore, more opportunities to do extra damage from Jynx with Hel vs Zeline. Just my thoughts on it though. :blush: